I can haz progress?

I can haz progress?

I can haz progress!

Striped Scarf:

Went from this:

stripe scarf start

2nd of October

to this:

stripe scarf 11-10-08

Half-way point on the 11th of October – me for scale (I’m 5’6″ on the flat).  I made the blouse in the photo.

It did go via the frog-pond (I didn’t like the way the stripes were coming out originally, so I ripped out all but 2 rows and move the stripe sequence on in the second ball of yarn.)

Mystery Stole 4:

I’m now further behind on the clues, but the reason for that is clear when you look at the scarf above and the shawl below!

ms4 11-10-08

I’m nearly done with Clue 3.

Anniversary Shawl:

anniversary shawl edging start 2

Two repeats

Yup.  I’m now on to the edging.  Will you permit me an animated gif? rawk

I’m still playing catch-up with blog reading (I’ve got a weeks worth of reading with some bloggers) but I’m getting there!

Until next time…


6 thoughts on “I can haz progress?

  1. Everything is looking wonderful. I love the scarf and how the stripes are coming out. Great job on that blouse. I havent even finished clue two on the ms4.


  2. Yur doin’ it rite obviously. I love the stripy scarf. I have seen quite a few around and they look great. Wow, the Anniversary Shawl looks so good. I really like the colour and I’m very happy it’s almost finished!!


  3. Yaay progress! It feels good, yes? The scarf is really cool and I can’t wait to see more of the Ann Shawl, it’s SO pretty =) Clue 3 looks good, too. Progress is nice.


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