Don’t let me be in charge of anything important when I’m bored

Don’t let me be in charge of anything important when I’m bored

Why not?  Because this is what I do when I’m bored:





I engineerd a stand for my cone of Colourmart so it can unwind freely.

I had a couple of K’nex kits from who-knows-when and I thought I could try to get something a bit Heath Robinson out of it.  I was right!

It’s a bit unstable but it does the job (as long as I don’t try and unwind the yarn too quickly).

I needed some TV/brainless knitting so I cast on a scarf for myself:

stripe scarf start

Right: without flash, Left: with flash (light levels are still rubbish around here!)

The pattern is more-or-less Brooklyn Tweed’s Noro Striped Scarf only it’s not Noro yarn (I’m using Gedifra Fashion Stripe) and I cast of fewer stitches because it’s a heavier yarn.

I cast on with waste yarn so that both ends can be cast off using the Sewn method and will therefore match.  I know.  Where’s Amy and what have you done with her?  One thing about my knitting ability is the fact I can never match my cast offs and ons.  I tend to cast off too tightly with anything other than the sewn method and my cast on is usually too loose!  Problem solved; cast off both ends!

Apart from that, it’s just the same!


5 thoughts on “Don’t let me be in charge of anything important when I’m bored

  1. That’s completely brilliant. 🙂 I’m going to set it as weekend homework for the small people. *is evil parent*


  2. oooooooo cool come be bored at my house =))

    AND uber smartness with the cast off both sides thing. I have the too tight prob with my cast off, too, I used to cast on too tight as well, but now I used the long tail method every time and that helps, and I cast off with a giant needle to loosen that up, but they still never really match perfectly. (but who’s measuring?) lol

    Sending some sun your way with my mind ***grunt***


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