hubris (noun) arrogance or over-confidence, especially when likely to result in disaster or ruin. hubristic adj. hubristically adverb.
ETYMOLOGY: 19c: from Greek hybris.

Yup.  That would be me!  I’m referring to two specific incidents; 1) my health and 2) the Mystery Stole 4.

I’ve covered point 1 many, many times before so let’s just say I was feeling better, I over did it and now I’m back where I was.  OK?

Point number 2, on the other hand, is new!  Remember when I was swatching with the two kinds of beads for the stole and one of the reasons I chose the iridescent beads was because I could use the crochet hook instead of the dental floss?  Yeah.  I was an idiot!

It turns out that not only did some of the beads not fit on the hook, but it was so much easier to thread all the beads for one row on to the floss (on one row there were 26 beads to apply).

I’m enjoying the process of knitting this stole (I’m halfway through Clue 3 and about a week behind – good for me!).

ms4 30-09-08 2

Pale yarn are the lifelines between clues.  Progress is halfway through the 3rd clue (4 clues have been released to date). Shaky photo due to low light levels.

ms4 30-09-08

Photo with flash to show the lace better.

The theme has been revealed, but it doesn’t really give anything away and apparently there are due to be more surprises along the way!

Anniversary Shawl:

anniversary shawl 30-09-08 2

I’m plodding along slowly with the shawl and I’m now only 12 rows from completing the body of the shawl.  Just thirteen bajillion rows of the edging to do and I am good to go!

anniversary shawl 30-09-08 1

I’m actually really looking forward to wearing this shawl – it’s lovely and warm just sitting in my lap so it’ll be great when it’s around my shoulders!

Am I alive?:

If I haven’t blogged in a while and you want to make sure I’m not dead, I usually manage to Plurk at least once a day and I also try and log in to Ravelry as well.

I’m way behind on my blog reading (again) and if I normally comment on stuff and you haven’t heard from me, I’m working from last Monday in reverse order.  And Blogger is being a pain at the moment so I’m having trouble commenting even if I want to!

Well, I’ll catch up to you when I plough through the unreads feeds (see you sometime next week then!)


5 thoughts on “Hubris

  1. *hands across rope and helmet with a light on top*

    Just in case you get lost while you’re ploughing through all those posts! 🙂

    I feel so guilty that I haven’t touched my GoddessKnits shawl since *mumble* June *mumble*, I was planning on making it a Christmas present for someone, but that doesn’t seem very likely at the moment!


  2. Hubris or not, the shawl is amazing, hope you feel better soon, and hope you feel better than I do at the moment in the grips of the flu =(

    the other shawl is awesome, too, I will be glad to see how it looks off the needles, because it’s gonna be SO pretty.


  3. MrsDrWho and I had been wondering if you were unwell again. Obviously we sent illness your way with our thoughts. Henceforth we will only think you are well!!
    Plurk?? Is that not the sound you make when you are ill?????
    Nice shawling, good luck with the 13 bajillion edging rows.


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