So much for the hiatus

So much for the hiatus

When I wrote my previous post I’d been feel quite bad for about a week (maybe longer than that).  In the world of irony in which I live, almost as soon as I’d hit “Publish” I started feeling a little better.  Harrumph.

Thanks for the well wishes (and the telling off by MrsDrWho who said I wasn’t to feel sorry for her and her cold while I wasn’t well!).  It’s just really strange for me to feel this ill in September.  This is normally one of my best months of the year.  The pessimist I am, I’m wondering what February and March will be like!

So, to conclude, I got some knitting done in between feeling sorry for myself:

Clue 1 of the Mystery Stole 4 (sign-ups are now closed)

With flash to show the lace

ms4 clue 1 flash

Without flash to show the beads a bit better

ms4 clue 1 no flash

and a bit of a close up

ms4 clue1 close up

I love the iridescent beads against the dark yarn.  I wasn’t sure they would show up all that well, but they do.  The design looks really good (all two clues of it!).  The stole is symmetrical and will be made in halves, grafted together (this we were told before we signed up) and some people have decided to make the two sides simultaneously.  I’m knitting off a cone, so I can’t do that.  I could have planned ahead (ha!) and wound half the yarn off the cone and into a ball, but I didn’t.

Anniversary Shawl:

I’m still plodding along on the penultimate clue of the Goddess Knits Anniversary Mystery Shawl.


This is about 2/3 of Clue 4 completed (30-ish rounds to go).  Just the edging next.
Just!  Listen to me!  I’ve got to do an applied sideways-knit edging for 576 lives stitches.  This translates to at least 1152 rows of the edging over a varying number of stitches.


6 thoughts on “So much for the hiatus

  1. I’m still on Clue 3… 😦 Good luck with the edging. I remember when I knitted my first Pi Shawl and the horrible realisation when I was halfway round the edging that I’d have to do twice as many rows of edging as stitches. I think this is why I’m in no rush to make any more progress! 🙂


  2. I saw a ruffled scarf on KnittyGritty that had 2,000 stitches. OMGCB. The beads look very purty. I’m not impressionable I just like accent.
    Glad you are feeling better. I hate the way that happens when you make a doctor’s or dentist’s appointment- or the vet. Vet for tThe Labradors, not me!!! Also, I don’t have a clue at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Love the beads on the dark yarn! Obviously you already saw, but here is the official comment letting you know about your award :)… I haven’t started the mystery shawl yet; I’m sure I’ll get to it in a year or two.


  4. Verra verra naaaiiiiice =) I love the beads, too, they are perfect. I’m not sure I could manage two mystery shawls at once even during a great September – ha SO…. GO you!

    I’m verra verra glad you are feelin’ so much bettah (or at least SOME bettah) — too much Scarlet O’Hara the other day, sorry


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