Apparently, I don’t value my eyesight or my sanity

Apparently, I don’t value my eyesight or my sanity

Case for the prosecution:

  1. I have signed up for Mystery Stole 4
  2. And have chosen to knit it in this yarn



AAA battery for scale – oh, the glamour!

Yes, it is midnight-blue.  Yes, I managed to finish my two previous mystery lace projects in 2 and a half years and 1 year respectively.

The yarn, incidentally, is a 2-ply 30/70 cashmere/merino from Colourmart.  Can’t say enough about the service – the yarn was a 1-ply which they made into a 2-ply for free.  Not affiliated in any way, shape or form, but you’d know if I was!

For this Mystery Stole (first clue released on the 5th of September, sign-ups open until the 12th and final clue given on the 10th of October), beads are integral to the design and I ordered these iridescent seed beads:


and these pearlescent beads in a very light khaki-green


I may wait for the first clue to be knit by other people first so I can make up my mind as to which I’d prefer.

(I got them from Regalcrafts – again, not affiliated)

And some other stuff may have slipped into my basket at the same time.  Maybe.


Since the last blog post I’ve started and finished another design (again, you’ll have to wait to see what it is!) and now I’m just waiting for my weird skin to start behaving before I take photos.  This is something that has to be modelled but at the moment I’m Spotty McSpotterson!  I really don’t “get” my hormones sometimes!  Plus, it seems to have been raining since Moses was a lad, so that’s not helping with the light levels!

Take care!

5 thoughts on “Apparently, I don’t value my eyesight or my sanity

  1. Ooh, beads! 😀 Thanks for the link to the shop. I did some bead shopping “in person” at the weekend, but it’s a long trek just for some size 6 seed beads. 🙂


  2. On a scale of 1 to 10…how stinky is THIS project?
    Beads…I love beads.
    I have MANY beads.
    I will put pics of beads on my blog soon and make you envy me..mwah ha ha ha ha


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