FO: Swan Lake Stole

FO: Swan Lake Stole

a.ka. Mystery Stole 3/The Stinky Grey Thing.





swanlakefin4 I may not be the fastest knitter in the world, but I do get there eventually!

Pattern: Swan Lake Stole available at Pink Lemon Twist [Ravelry Project Link]

Yarn: Some grey machine-knitting wool in about cobweb-weight that came off a giant cone, so I’ve no idea about yardage!

Needles etc.: Can’t even remember, probably 4 mm, but could be anything! Seed beads were a gift from a Ravelry member, so I don’t really know anything about them either!

Size: Width 18″/46 cm Length: 70″/175 cm (point to point).  This is smaller than the pattern notes, but my yarn was nearer cobweb than lace, so I knew this would be the case.

Mods/notes: The only modifications were accidental (i.e. mistakes!).

I love the asymmetry of this design. I know that it made some people uneasy, but I like it. It’s in the Japanese tradition, and so I embraced it!

My favourite bits of the design are the “wing” and the wave motif going up the sides of the stole.

swanlakefin6 swanlakefin9

But I FINISHED!!!! Yay!!! I’m wearing it as I compose this blog post, so I suppose it’s serving a function already!


13 thoughts on “FO: Swan Lake Stole

  1. Thanks for all the compliments (on both the shawl and the photography).

    I’m already signed up for the next Mystery Stole, I’ve got my yarn and I’ve just ordered the beads! Apparently I never learn! 😀


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