Ravelympics: A News Update

Ravelympics: A News Update

We see the Ravelthetes enter the stadium for the mid-way parade.  Proudly carrying not one, but two, Ravelympic finishing medals is Amy, representing Team Rubberneckers.

WIP Ravelympics

Both medals were won in the Work In Progress Wrestling event.

WIP Ravelympics medal

The first medal was awarded on the first day of competition for the featherweight finishing of the Strawberry Joe hat, pictured here:

Strawberry Joe mosaic

The second medal was won in much more trying circumstances and can truly be considered a marathon.

Over a year after it was started, the knitting was completed at 03:30 on the 16th of August, the blocking (pictured below) was finished at 08:30 on the same day, the Swan Lake Stole is at an end!


Colour is way off – taken at 08:30 on my MacBook camera = not the best photo in the world!

Better modelled photos to follow once it stops raining (so sometime in June next year, by the looks of it).

I’ve moved on to the Anniversary shawl, but I seriously doubt I’ll finish this before the end of the Olympics.  I can knit a maximum of 6 rounds in one day (2 rounds taking 1 hour to complete) and I’m not even halfway through the penultimate clue!  You don’t need to be a mathematics genius to work out I can’t complete Clue 4, plus the edging before Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Ravelympics: A News Update

  1. I’ve always favoured ignoring the laws of mathematics. But finishing that Mystery Shawl will require a time machine, I think. 🙂


  2. I think 2 finished WIPs is absolutely stunning! Go you!!

    Anxiously awaiting less gloom-and-doom pictures of the blocked shawl. I’ll bet it is beautiful.


  3. Congrats on the finishing of the Anniversary shawl! Yaay! We’ve had a lot of rain lately, too, which is REAL weird for Texas in August. Good knitting weather tho


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