This Ravelympics thingy was just the kick up the knit I needed to get going on those languishing projects.

I have a tendancy to start new projects without finishing the old ones – a case of “ooh, shiny!” – and I seem to think that the older stuff will somehow get completed.  By whom?  The magic knitting faries I employed have gone on strike (something about poor conditions and not enough “good” yarn) so I’m guessing it’s down to me!

Having finished my Strawberry Joe hat (thanks for the compliments, by the way) I decided to concentrate on my Swan Lake Stole.

For those will long enough memories, you may recall that this started out last year as the Mystery Stole 3 Knitalong.  To MrsDrWho it’s known as “The Stinky Grey Thing” because of it’s oft-blogged machine-oiled aroma.  To me, it’s been the albatross around my neck!

If I’d know that I just need a little motivation to get this thing on it’s way to being finished I’d have picked it up sooner!  Probably!

I’m charting my progress on a(n almost) daily basis on my Ravelympics 2008 page, but here’s a quick summary:

  • 09/08/08: 3 rows completed on Swan Lake Stole (220 sts in total, 6628 sts remaining)
  • 10/08/08: Swan Lake Stole – 21 rows completed (1914 sts in total, 4714 sts remaining)
  • 11/08/08: Swan Lake Stole – Rows 9 (Sts. 1030, Sts. rem. 3684)
  • 12/08/08: Swan Lake Stole – 12 rows, 1368 sts, 2316 sts rem.
  • 13/08/08: Swan Lake Stole – 3 rows, 364 sts, 1952 sts rem.
  • 14/08/08: nothing knit
  • 15/08/08: (initial progress) Swan Lake Stole – 7 rows, 886 sts, 1066 sts rem.

Apologies for the flash-only photos here. My sleep pattern has been very disturbed due to less-well-health than I normally “enjoy” and by the time I’m up it’s afternoon and raining!

Progress up to the 11th:

swan lake 11-08-08

Progress as of about 3 a.m. on the 15th:

swan lake 15-08-08

As you can see I’m nearly there.  If I can stay awake the whole night, like I’m planning on doing to try and get my sleep pattern right, I should have it finished on Saturday.

If you’re in the Ravelympics, how are your efforts going?  And even if you’re not, how’s the crafting going at this point in the summer/winter?

4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I’m just a Ravelympics cheerleader.

    *waves pompoms*

    I’ve just finished two huge projects that were presents and am now knitting (fairly) mindlessly on a sock and planning something HUGE!


  2. Slow going here – although I didn’t sign up for the Ravelympics. Looks like YOU are making great progress, however.

    Send those knitting fairies my way if you find someone. I’m stalled on sleeves.


  3. Yaay you! I need to get to knitting on my socks – that less than well stuff is a bummer. I understand the sleep pattern being screwy thing a little too well.

    Wishing you much REM =)


  4. Stinky grey albatross around your neck then!!!!
    You’ll never be able to wear it now unless you are doing the Python Albatross skit !!!!


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