Hmmm … new book smell.

Old book smell.

Any book smell.

Love it!

I especially love “Books on Sale” smell!

Courtesy of the Interweave Hurt Books Sale, I got:

Knitter’s Companion by Vicky Square.

knitters companion cover

knitters companion inside

The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd.

handy book patterns cover handy book patterns inside

handy book patterns back cover

(Love the little pocket in the back)

Scarf Style edited by Pam Allen.

scarf style cover

scarf style inside

Love the book, hate the half-in-focus-half-out-of-focus photographs.  What’s up with that?

I’ve also been keeping up my pre-Ravelympics training:

preemie booties white

Seamed up the booties and knit a micro-preemie hat.

micro preemie hat top

micro preemie hat side

This thing is modelled on a plum.  I kid you not.  It’s tiny.

The snowflake hat went down well with the organiser of this “drive” and she agreed that it was a good idea to make a non-specific festive hat for those families who may not necessarily celebrate Christmas per se, but would still want to join in! I think snowflakes are fairly universal, event in the desert!

In return for my interesting tourist advice to Silvia when she was in Manchester on Monday, she offered to send me hard-to-get yarn!

sugar 'n' cream mosaic

I realise that, to Americans, this would be an eye-rollingly-boring yarn, but for me it’s quite exciting!  You can’t get reasonablly-priced cotton here so this is a very welcome addition to the stash.

First thing I want is a wash mitt or two (from the white cotton) and then maybe something wearable from the coloured stuff.  Apart from “Check Ravelry”, any suggestions?


7 thoughts on “Bookworm

  1. Love the new book smell. Used to love the smell of the new Rowan magazines every August because it felt Christmassy, but #44 didn’t smell the same. 😦 I have to be forcibly removed from bookshops because my booksniffing apparently is weird. 😛 Not just the smell, but the smooth pages, untouched by anyone, and the unbent covers.

    Saying that, I love the musty old paperbacks I get from eBay as well. That reminds me of being little and getting endless old books from jumble sales.


  2. New book smell, new car smell, new shoe smell. All good things.

    Glad the Sugar and Cream arrived quickly. Wash mitts, coasters, wash cloths come to mind. A hat would also work, though you’ll have to troll about for suitable patterns. You could even make a bag or clutch.

    P.s. I agree with your assessment of the Interweave art direction. I actually stopped getting the magazine because it was so frustrating. Perhaps the new editor has made better?


  3. Love new books. I want to get a couple of those titles for myself. That preemie hat is tiny! As if human birth wasn’t a miracle enough in itself, the thought that a human child that might fit into that hat could survive is proof that miracles happen.


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