Limbering Up

Limbering Up

If it’s a year divisible by 4, it must mean it’s the Olympics!

Sport not do it for you?  How about the Ravelympics instead?

Thought so!

I’ve signed myself up for the WIP Wrestling in the hope I can actually finish one or two things (yeah, right!).  I’ve put forth the Swan Lake Stole, the Strawberry Joe hat and the Anniversary Shawl.  I’m most realistic about finishing the hat (only 3 repeats and some grafting to do) but I’ll have a good go at the lace.

In preparation for 1 p.m. BST on the 8th of August I’ve been trying to finish the sock I’ve designed

sock design progress

I’m now on to the leg.

And I’ve also managed to continue my crocheting adventures

crochet blanket 02-08-08

Two finished squares and one in progress.

I’m also fitting in some charity knitting for Caring Hands in Yorkshire

baby booties white 1

I’ve got some turquoise yarn that I know is OK for premature babies, but I’m not sure about the yellow.  I seem to remember something about yellow making the babies look jaundiced, even if they’re not.

acrylic yarn for charity knitting

For historical reference, this was how far I’d got on the Anniversary Shawl before it went into timeout.

anniversary shawl clue 4 02-08-08

Progress on Clue 4 Chart B.

Finally, thanks for the compliments on the new hair! I’m getting used to it and I really like it! I think it makes me look more French. Whether this is a good or a bad thing, I’m not sure!


4 thoughts on “Limbering Up

  1. But if it’s a year ending in 00 it has to be divisible by 400. I hope you are allowing yourself unfettered internet access too!! My word you have been really busy, you should be entering the pentathlon!!!


  2. I hope you have a great Ravelympics =)

    I’ve never heard that about yellow and babies – all my babies looked really cute in yellow and it’s supposed to be gender neutral (?) hahaha – Anyway, even if the jaundice thing is true, it’s just booties, right? It’ll be fine.


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