Not a boy

Not a boy

Tradtionally we have the before and the after:

blue hair front

So, here’s what I look like now (more or less)

new hair with glasses new hair

With reading glasses and without.

Taken with my MacBook camera so really poor quality, and also reversed, so it looks alright to me because I’m used to seeing my self in the mirror, but it’s actually backwards from how I look to everyone else. OK?

I think I look better with the glasses than without (at least in these photos) but unfortunately I can’t wear them all the time!

I wanted a shorter hairstyle because I was bored, I was finding it difficult to “deal” with my hair as it was and I was also inspired by Mandy (Yarnageddon) and Rosemary (1 half of Craft Borg).

And to make up for having to see my ugly mug, here is a frog I found in a water-filled margarine tub.

frog tub 1

frog tub 2

frog tub 3

See how cute?!


7 thoughts on “Not a boy

  1. Poor 2paw…she is deluded !!!
    I like the hair. Do you do earrings? This is a perfect earring haircut.
    Big savings in time and shampoo too!
    I wish I had a hair cut…I am totally shaggy at the moment.
    Thats’ shaggy, not shaggable, before anyone else states the obvious!


  2. I think it’s a very cute cut! It’ll be easier to take care of, quicker too. I like how it looks on you – with or without your glasses. 🙂


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