No gherkin, no cake

No gherkin, no cake

Sorry for the confusion about the stealth pickle.  It was my off-the-wall sense of humour evidently falling flat on it’s unfunny face.  (Wow, that was more alliterative than I’d intended!)

Anyway, somehow, I seem to have been busy in the past week, although I don’t remember anything actually happening.  Curious.  On with the crafting!


I can haz progress?  Yes, I can!

zen scarf 2

Flushed with my previous success, I cast on for another scarf!  It was Zen and the Art of Stash Diving.  I made it through the first repeat with hardly any problems at all.  Put it down and went to sleep (it was 2 a.m.).  Picked it up the next morning to do the second repeat and could not for the life of me remember what to do.

It was ripped, and I decided to try something a little easier.

Granny square 1

Success!  Again!  This giant square will be part of a blanket of other giant squares and will hopefully be a gift to my mum.  I’m not committing myself to date because, lets be honest, this is me!


Nothing but the Anniversary shawl for me.

anniversary shawl clue 4 in progress 2

anniversary shawl clue 4 row 30

Made it up to row 30 (of 96) on Clue 4, with the edging of Clue 5 to do.

I’m knitting Clues 4 and 5 on 4 mm needles and I was thinking that Clue 4, especially, will be larger than it should if I’d planned ahead and used the same needle size for the whole thing.

To demonstrate, the Worlds Worst Schematic (TM):

anniversary shawl my schematic

So, that’s what I’m thinking it’ll be like.  Maybe.  Possibly best to concentrate on the nail varnish!

Photos of the new hairdo will be forthcoming once I decide if it’s cute or makes me look like a boy!


6 thoughts on “No gherkin, no cake

  1. You can has brain meltdown!! Nice crocheting, I thought it was already a cushion. Happy Anniversary shawl!! I must get my hair cut and a colour to cheer me up for Spring. My hair is longer now but I don’t expect that precludes it from being a boys’ haicut???


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