Beware the stealth-pickle

Beware the stealth-pickle

Apparently (and this is really odd to me) some people don’t like pickles in their food.  Why not?  The addition of a gherkin can really perk up a chocolate cake!

My point?  Oh, yes.

The Scarf [Ravel it].

crochet neckwarmer 1

I have made something out of crochet!

crochet neckwarmer 2

Not only is it crochet, but it’s my own hand spun yarn.  I know!

Obviously, it both sucks and blows and is possibly the worst thing I have ever made, but I shall love and pet it and call it mine!

crochet neckwarmer 3

I started with 15 chains (is that right?) to have a scarf 13 erm … cro’s wide?

You may have gathered I have no idea what I’m talking about, but let’s press on.

I managed, somehow, to decrease to 10 stitches and then climbed back up to 11.

crochet neckwarmer buttonholes2 crochet neckwarmer buttonholes1

I also did two sets of two buttonholes.

I wanted to do one, but I did the first set too early and couldn’t be bother ripping them out.

crochet neckwarmer buttons

The “buttons” are wooden beads from an old car seat (not mine, obviously.  Maybe not obviously?)

The yarn.

crochet neckwarmer macro

Well, at best it’s “artisan”, in actuality it’s really just awful.  Some parts are like pencil roving and others like cobweb.  For my first ever attempt at spinning on a drop spindle, I suppose it’s not bad, but I’m sure I could do better.

crochet neckwarmer fabric

I have some blue fibre that Lou gave me, but I’m slightly hesitant about making a complete Horlicks of it.  I want to make some lace weight yarn with it, but I think I need to buff up on my spinning knowledge.

blue wool fibre

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8 thoughts on “Beware the stealth-pickle

  1. Crochet AND pickles ….. hm…. =)

    I feel frightened

    I love making weird crocheted stuff because it’s all that I know how to make when I’m crocheting things. (and is it wrong that I sometimes think crotch when I read crochet, or is that my medicine talking?)


  2. What has the same IQ as 25 glasses of water?

    50 PE teachers.

    (My parents met at a teacher-training college where most of the students were PE majors – I’ve got more jokes where they came from!)


  3. Pickles are icky. I can’t imagine them in the deliciousness of cake. Why not add more butter? Butter is good…

    Your little scarf is adorable and what a great way to repurpose those beads. They never look comfortable, but all the cabbie in NYC must know more than me.


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