Plurk Me

Plurk Me

Background: I am way behind on listening to Podcasts (as of a few weeks ago I had some from November 2007!), Lime & Violet included.  As a result, I’ve only just heard about Plurk (despite Wanda inviting me ages ago!).  Lemming that I am, I’ve signed up.  I will not be responsible for you signing up for this time-suck, but I’m here if you are already in it’s electronic vice-like grip!


I’ve made it through Clue 1, 2 and 3 in the Choose Your Own Adventure Shawl!

anniversary shawl clue 3

I finished Clue 3 a scant one day over the target I’d set myself of a week (Saturday to Friday), and considering just how many stitches I was working with I class this as a success!

I’ve a feeling Clue 4 (consisting of 576 stitches over 96 rows) may take me a tad longer!

the long road of lace

I’m also working on a sock design using St. Ives sock yarn.

green sock

I read somewhere that it may be discontinued, but I’m not sure.  Does anyone know for certain?

I’m knitting this sock on the Knit Picks Harmony double pointed needles my brother (oops, very nearly typed "bother"!) brought back from America for me.

Oh.  Sweet.  Merino.

These may possibly be the best needles I have ever used.

That is all.

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5 thoughts on “Plurk Me

  1. Oh how could they discontinue such a gorgeous colour???
    Would that be Spock’s long lost brother S’Plurk????Well done with the CYOAS. It’s looking very nice indeed!!


  2. Your shawl is gorgeous! Love the color!

    I’ve heard that St. Ives is discontinued too, did you check on Ravelry?

    I said hello on Plurk cause I got your invite but I really don’t get it 😦


  3. Ok – help me as well with the Plurk concept – I’m old I guess. I don’t “get” it. What’s the purpose?

    Beautiful work on that shawl. I’m glad you are plugging along with it – it will be gorgeous when you’ve finished it!!


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