WIP Wednesday?

WIP Wednesday?


I know!

It’s a bit monotonous (Lace.  Shawl.) but mighty pretty!

Choose Your Own Adventure Shawl:

Clue 2 finished.

anniversary shawl clue 2

I chose chart A – pretty much at random, really.

Aims for next week: work clue 3 when it’s released on Saturday.

Mystery Shawl 2:

A scant 2 and a half years on from starting it, look where I am!

moss shawl nearly done

Hopefully, the next post will be me modelling the shawl and being very, very happy that it’s done!

Other stuff:

The Project With No Name is finished and I’m almost done writing the pattern up.  I’m really pleased with how it looks and how it fits and I just hope I can do it justice (and not make any many mistakes!).

I just need to work through Marnie’s tutorial on doing a schematic (or draw one by hand and scan it!) and then I’ll be done.


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6 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday?

  1. I was always really rubbish doing the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. I always chose the “stay in the warm with the light on and don’t go and investigate that strange noise” option, which meant the story ended pretty quickly. ..

    I like the colours of your shawl. I’m finding it a bugger to photograph mine because I can’t stretch it out on the needles enough. So it’ll be a mystery to me as well ’til it’s all done. 😀


  2. Maybe we should start a grown-up Choose Your Own Adventure book club? I used to keep my finger of the decision-making page – like chess – so I could go back and undo! 😀


  3. Well, both shawls are really cool/pretty I need to rip mine back to the life line and get to knitting on it before Summer is over. OH motivation, where for art thou?


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