Fifth time’s the charm?

Fifth time’s the charm?

Or OMG – like, knitting, right?

I’ve never made a circular shawl before but, confident / arrogant as ever I thought "How difficult can it be?"…

I started with Emily Ocker’s circular cast on (beautifully detail here).

Somehow, I manage to twist my knitting into something hideous, so out it came.

Going back to the tried-and-tested circular cast-on method I went to Judy and her magic.

Not once, not twice, but three times!

Having finally decided that I had to do this ONE. STEP. AT. A. TIME., I colour-coded my needles with my highlighter pens and started again.

Emily Ocker’s cast-on and actually watching what I was doing did the trick and bingo!

mystery shawl clue 1 finished 1

Note the Willam Shatner-esque girdle ’round the ball of yarn.

circular shawl or olympus mons

Looks a bit like Olympus Mons!

First clue for the Goddess Anniversary Mystery Shawl a.k.a. the Choose Your Own Adventure Shawl, she is done!

Anticipating that the "Clues" will get more complex I started marking the symbols with different coloured highlight pens.

shawl with marked pattern

Hopefully I’ll come to associate a colour with an action and this should speed the process up (in theory).

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6 thoughts on “Fifth time’s the charm?

  1. WOW, and OW! sigh, but by the time you do it THAT many times, you really really really really really learn it lol =) I have confidence in confidence aloooooone….

    okay, I have confidence in your ability to “speed the process up (in theory).” yeah, that’s it =)


  2. William Shatner’s girdle, and I was just thinking about eating lunch!!! I usually colour in the symbols on my charts- I find it much easier to remember what they mean when they are coloured. My mind just works that way….. I’ve never coloured the needles though!!!!!


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