Me Vs. the Sun and the Pollen

Me Vs. the Sun and the Pollen

Now with added knitting content!

This was me on Monday – resplendent in wide-brimmed hat, wrap-around sunglasses, long-sleeved tunic and long trousers (with mucho sunscreen, obviously).

me vs sun and pollen

Strike a pose!

All of this to ward off the sun and the evilness that is pollen!

Of course, having fully enjoyed my morning in the sun my body decided it had had more than enough of this loveliness and I promptly had a little “blip” in my health.

This means I’ve not knit on The Project With No Name since Sunday and I also decided not to risk my health any more than I have to, and I’m not going to participate in World Wide Knit in Public Day. Good luck to those that do (or have already). I’ll see you next year!

Knitting? I got your knitting!

I’ve been wanting to show progress on TPWNN, but I can’t. However, I worked out a way around this:

project with no name in progress


Try to contain yourselves – I realise the excitement is palpable, but we are all adults here!

The slight dilemma I’m now facing is due to this little relapse – I’m a week behind schedule on getting the pattern done. I’m not going to flog myself to get it finished because I’d rather submit it at a later date or release it myself (or not at all) than either damage my health or send something below the quality I know I can produce.

Of course, I can always rely on someone else’s pattern for my knitting:

goddess shawl swatch

It doesn’t look anywhere near a stripy IRL – I think it’s the flash.

This is the test-piece for the Goddess Knits Anniversary shawl, the first clue of which was released today (because Rennee’s house has been flooded and she has no internet so I think she uploaded it from work). It looks like a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure shawl – I think I’ll call it that!

There’s been some sad news today, sprinkled amongst the blogs I read, so have a virtual hug from me if you need one, or if you don’t, pass it on to someone who does. {{hug}}

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5 thoughts on “Me Vs. the Sun and the Pollen

  1. i am the same with the sun and pollen. It just doesn’t like me, unfortunately the warm weather improves my ME so I always want to get out of the house while I have the energy and no aches and pains.


  2. I hear you about the pollen! It’s been twice as hard this year(probably because I smoke outside at my bf’s place and his mother’s garden is full of all the things that make me sneeze). I’m thinking about trying immunisation this autumn…


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