Green side up, brown side down

Green side up, brown side down

That’s my personal mantra if I’m ever allowed to inflict myself on plants.

Hey – it works for me!

Having (unwittingly) sat out the “Earth” part of the Project Spectrum cycle (shame, ’cause I had a couple of good photos – I’ll post them later) I’ve embraced “air” with something approaching enthusiasm.

I know. Don’t worry. It’ll wear off.

Air mosaic

1. welsh poppy, 2. dandilion clock, 3. bee on chive flower 2, 4. bee on chive flower, 5. poached egg plant flowers 1, 6. poached egg plant flowers 2, 7. t shaped cloud, 8. late spring sky 1

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

The colours for “Air” are yellow, white and grey (gray, if you must), but I’ve also interpreted it less literally.

I photographed a bee on a chive flower because although, aerodynamically, the bee shouldn’t be able to fly in the air, it does!

I may not like weeding the resulting plants, but I love how dandelion clocks look in the sunlight (a rare commodity in Britain!)

You can see larger views of these photos (if you are signed up with Flickr) by visiting this link.

Given that I spend most of the winter looking at the ground (or stuck inside) I love spending time out of doors whenever I can. Hayfever, not-with-standing!

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