Miss Injury-pendent

Miss Injury-pendent

Although I’ve never been admitted to hospital (apart from when I was being born, but that doesn’t count ’cause it was my mum who was admitted and I kinda had to go with her) and I’ve only been to Accident and Emergency once (twice?  Might have been twice) I am constantly covered in bruises.

Seriously, I look like someone who’s been in a fight with a gerbil.

Like to see my most recent "acquisitions?"  No?  Tough!

amy vs iron

Me vs an iron that had been switched off for at least half and hour.

I was putting it away.

Yeah, not tidying up ever again!

amy vs screwdriver

Me vs crosshead screwdriver.

Top photo is the evening after it happened (I think it was Saturday) and the bottom photo is yesterday (Tuesday).

Knitting, I can do knitting!

I was watching the BBC News Channel late one night and the newspaper reviews came on with this lady:

newspaper review lady jumper 1

Larger photo (854 x 536)

newspaper review lady jumper 2

Larger photo (384 x 466)

Sorry for the 6-feet-from-TV taking-photos-in-the-dark look but, does that not look like a Norah Gaughan pattern?  I was totally transfixed, not only by the jumper, but also with her hair – it’s stunning!

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5 thoughts on “Miss Injury-pendent

  1. Ha! I knew I wasn’t the only person who spent more time looking at people’s knitwear on TV than paying attention to the programme. 🙂

    I have a nice collection of iron-induced scars on my arm. I think it’s a sign that someone else should do the ironing..!


  2. That’s why I try to get everything out of the dryer as soon as it’s done. I’ve had my share of iron burns, and man they ar the worst.

    And, like Kate said, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one analyzing knitwear on TV.


  3. Clumsy git.
    Clumsy gits of the worl unite.
    I trod on another nail when doing the cat run extension on Tuesday. Don’t tell 2paw. She will go on and on about tetanus injections.


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