D. I. Why?

D. I. Why?

Having spent the better part of a week with this little lot


I have discovered that sometimes it really, really matters if your spirit level looks like this

level not level enough

If you have a shelf measuring 62 cm by 110 cm the spirit level being out by that small amount matters when it comes to fitting sliding doors.


In good, knitting-related news, my bag pattern seems to have been well-recieved (thank you for your kind words) as was this yarn I got in a swap on Ravelry:

pink lace weight yarn

You can see it reclining on my design notebook with not a care in the world!

Little does it know it’s going to be subjected to yet another of my attempts at a mystery lace knit along!

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3 thoughts on “D. I. Why?

  1. I’m just blogging about the same thing. 🙂 I’ve joined a couple of mystery shawl knitalongs in the past but never got around to even starting! This one is going to be a present, though, so hopefully having a purpose will keep me going.


  2. You know what the real problem is???? You are using real tools!!!!! Where is the roll of green twisty tie, the scissors, nail file, dad’s old reject hammer with the loose head and a can of trademarked drink????
    Those doors may NEVER slide. But they have a much better chance if you are doing -it not me!!!!


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