Show me more of this Earth-thing called “Blogging”

Show me more of this Earth-thing called “Blogging”

So, apparently I forgot how to blog. You know, for someone who doesn’t go out anywhere or do anything, a lot seems to happen to fill the time.

A quick synopsis:

Last Monday: got stung by nettles up my right arm when harvesting rhubarb. Swore. A lot. The rhubarb crumble was totally worth it.

Tuesday – Thursday: spent my time NOT SCRATCHING the rash I got. Experimented with camomile tea bags, comfrey and sage leaves. Went back to the hydrocortisone cream.

Friday: HEAVEN! Got some calamine lotion. Spend today slathering it on my right and left forearms (because apparently what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and my rash has spread)

Saturday: An old family friend is visiting the area from Scotland so spend a couple of hours chatting and laughing. She plants a dwarf holly bush for me that’s been waiting to be put in the ground for 4 years! She used to be George Harrison’s gardener, when he was still living in this country, but never mentions it. She and her husband are really nice. Make moussaka. Takes ages. Watch Dr Who and Pushing Daises. Knackered, but still can’t sleep.

Sunday: Too. Hot. Try knitting. Give up and sit in the shade reading the paper and following the cricket on the computer for the 20 seconds per half hour that the internet is up. Stupid weather. Knit the first row of the button band on my dad’s cardigan. Whilst knitting the second row realise I screwed up almost half way around and did P2, K4, P2 instead of 2/2 rib. Swear (a lot, again) and spend several hours with a crochet hook undoing the stitches.


bill buttonband

Larger photo (375 x 500)

I’ve done the buttonholes (test piece with button shown below), which means I’m nearly finished. I may cry!

bill buttonhole test

I decided on 7 buttons rather than 5 because I thought my dad would put less strain (per button) on 7 than 5!

bill 5 buttons bill 7 buttons

There’s a bird somewhere outside that I swear sounds like a comedy Mexeeecaaann Bandeeeetoooh. It makes that exact sound. Not half as funny as some other birds who imitate mobile phone ring tones!

Note: extra Geek-points if you can tell me which word I substituted from a line in a TV programme, in the title for this post. Uber-Geek-points if you know where the quote comes from and what said it to whom?

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6 thoughts on “Show me more of this Earth-thing called “Blogging”

  1. I did the same thing with my cardigan: the more buttons the less strain!! The Cardigan looks excellent!! I want to say the title is from Star Trek TOS, because I feel it should be, even if it isn’t!!!
    Hope your horrid and boogelly rash has subsided now. Rhubarb is about here to. Yum!!!


  2. Rhubarb? I’m so jealous (okay, not of the nettle rash, which I hope is well taken care of by now, but of the fresh rhubarb). We used to have it growing in our yard, but had to rip it out a few years back. *sigh* I miss it. And the rhubarb grunt. And the raspberry rhubarb jam. *sigh*

    Love the buttons for the cardigan.

    And, I think it sounds like some kind of Star Trek quote, but I’ can’t be sure.


  3. Hmm – good to know about the Rhubarb – my plant is getting big and I’ll beware of getting too personal with it in fear of a rash!

    The buttons are great – you are so close!


  4. Was It Spock…more of this Earth thing called kissing????
    Finish that sucker and revel in the audience applause and amazement.
    More calamine. Lots more calamine…and how did nettles camouflage them selves as rhubarb? Huge mutant leaves???????


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