Dum dum, dumdum, dum dum, dumdum

Dum dum, dumdum, dum dum, dumdum

Da da daaaaaaa …. da da daaaaaa …. da da daaaaaa …. da-dum… dum dum dum …


[Mission Impossible Theme tune, for those not already singing along!]

Armed only with this yarn …

tubey yarn 28-02-06

this notebook …


and this brain …


My mission, should I chose to accept it, is to create a Vintage-inspired knitted item in 6 weeks.

Your nerves will self-destruct in 10 seconds …

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8 thoughts on “Dum dum, dumdum, dum dum, dumdum

  1. mmmmmmm don’t I recall reading a big list of unfinished items and claims about finishing them? It can’t have been on this blog becasue YOU seem to be starting a new project..
    This is your guilt complex calling.


  2. So, to reply, in order of receipt of comments:
    None what so ever!
    But what do I think you think I’m doing?
    Vintage all the way!
    And absolutely not my blog. Nope. Not at all! [blush]


  3. Blush.
    So that’s your only response to abandoning all those poor unfinished little orphans to the back of the cupboard.
    You are an unfeeling knitter. Cruel I tell you CRUEL!


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