It’s not the finishing that counts …

It’s not the finishing that counts …

It’s the knitting process.

Repeat 12 trillion times as you rip out the neck shaping on your dad’s cardigan because you realised it looked shi … rubbish.

bill neck line before

Larger view (483 x 500)

There was a slight miscalculation on my part in determining the rate of decreases for the neck.

I was working from the total number of stitches in each front (61), the number of stitches at the shoulder (34 + 4 cast off) over the number of rows to remaining in the fronts (30 out of 40 to leave a nice straight edge right at the shoulders).


I am an idiot.

The decreases were occurring too quickly, as you can see from this tracing I did from the garment:


Larger view (774 x 1024)

Lower asshat line is what I’d knit and the nice line above it is what I should have knit.

So, a quick recalculation, followed by a slap around the head and I ripped.

bill neck after

The very sorry “after” shot

It’s all a learning experience. It’s all a learning experience. It’s all a learning experience. It’s all a learning experience. It’s all a learning experience. …

File this under “People are idiots and multinational companies are even bigger idiots”

Seen on a pump at my local petrol station:



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7 thoughts on “It’s not the finishing that counts …

  1. Just because it’s a learning experience doesn’t make it any less a PITA. πŸ™‚ I find that my entire ability to count disappears as soon as I’m faced with working out knitting-related sums. *sighs*


  2. Why is it that learning experiences have to suck so badly?
    And which moron was employed to proof read the pump stIckers ? This is more than a typo. 2paw would use her permanent marker to fix them all over the city.


  3. MrsDrWho is right: I do use my permanent green pen to fix unforgivable errors!!

    I would fix your Dad’s cardigan with a beige/taupe permanent pen for you, if I could!!


  4. It would have been better to say B4 than let that glaring typo live on in infamy.

    Sorry about the ripping and miscalculation and another undeserved learning experience. Sometimes we just all need a flying break from learning experiences!


  5. Love the gas pump. They can take all of your money but not spell. hmmmm

    I’m really impressed with the sweater because I’d be still stuggling with the math for the decrease. It’s going to look fantastic.


  6. What really annoys me about the miscalculation is that maths was a significant part of my undergraduate degree!
    The thing that really gripes my waggler about the sticker is not just the BEFOR, but also that they will not accept CHEQUE – thus implying that they will accept cheques. πŸ˜€


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