UFO Thursday

UFO Thursday

Or I Have Nothing Else to Show You But My Dad’s Cardigan and That’s Getting a Bit Dull.

Note: this post originally started out as “UFO Monday”. Yeah. Life got in the way. It nearly ended up as UFO Monday again! Enjoy!

P.S., Yes I know it’s Friday and my title says Thursday.  It’s been a long week!

I am a perpetual starter.

I love the rush of a new project, new discovery, new yarn and a new pattern. I knit like woman possessed for about a week and then … it … all … just ……..

As a consequence, I have some abandoned safely stored projects.

I did a review of them a while back but for my own mind, I wanted a more comprehensive survey of what I have and what there is to do on them.

The frustrating thing about my lack of attention to these projects is that the majority could be done in a fortnight (or even faster) if only I concentrated on them, one-at-a-time.

So, here’s the run-down!

Swan Lake Stole

swan lake stole 25-04-08

Completed: Charts A to H

To Do: Charts I and J. Wash seventeen times to remove the rancid oil smell and block this mo’fo’ to hades.

Really looking forward to finishing this. Even if I never wear it, it’s a frickin’ work of art!

Mystery Shawl 3/Moss Shawl

mystery shawl progress 25-04-08

Completed: Main body of shawl, and over half of edging.

To Do: remainder of edging, blocking.

Started this in 2005. That’s not a typo. See that crescent shape on the left-hand side of the photo? That’s all the border that I have to finish. Apparently I don’t want to wear this shawl.

My mum’s Little Child’s Socks

lcs 01-11-07

Completed: 1st sock

To Do: Rip out toe of first sock, extend the foot length by a couple of centimetres, knit second sock.

Made the foot too small, so I put it away to think about what it had done. Then I nicked the needles I was using for something else. I’ll be giving these to my mum in summer. Yeah.

My On Your Toes socks

onyourtoes 12-03-08

Completed: 1st sock

To Do: 2nd sock – easy, right?!

1st sock took me practically no time at all but I just haven’t got around to casting on for the second one. I suspect this will be the first project back on the needles after I’m done with my dad’s cardigan.

Strawberry Joe hat

strawberry joe 26-03-08

Completed: 7 repeats

To Do: 2 more repeats, graft ends together. Wear. Style.

I need to concentrate on this project because of the patterning and the short rows. Should be pretty easy to finish in a day or two.

Camo Convertible Mittens (were for my mum, are now for me).

camo mittens 25-04-08

Completed: 1st mitten and some ribbing on the second

To Do: remainder of second mitten

Too big for my mum, so I made her a pair of Fetching mittens instead. Really like the pattern and they’ll be perfect for me when I venture out into the real world!

Boudica Socks

boudica 1 finished

Completed: The first sock

To Do: the second sock (duh!)

Love this pattern and the sock fits amazingly well. I need to pay attention with these socks, so the first one took me forever. Concerted effort needs to be applied for the second!

Modular Lace-up Tank Top from Elann.com

modular top progress 25-04-08

Completed: 6 tiers on smaller sized needles

To Do: 7th and final tier on smaller needles and 3 more tiers with larger needles, upper bodice modules, garter stitch edging, and fastening treatment.

I stopped liking this for a while and was considering ripping it out, but I think I’ve fallen back in love with it. The squares take very little time to knit so I think setting a target of a few squares a day and it would be done in no time!

So, all-in-all, not a bad number of unfinished items, but more that I would like. As soon as I’ve finished my dad’s cardigan (the fronts of which are nearly complete, by the way), I’m going to work on a design or two, so it will be the ideal opportunity to knock a couple of these on the head.

Wow. Chatty, aren’t I? I’ll keep it brief next time. (Yeah, right!)

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5 thoughts on “UFO Thursday

  1. ARG the STRESS! *faint*

    =) Severely blocking lace is sort of a sadistic pleasure, I have to admit. Like, how far can I stretch this ba*****d before the other pins pop out.

    Well, I have no advice for how to motivate a perpetual started to buckle down and focus. Maybe bribe yourself with chocolate?


  2. Good luck with all the finishing off!! I have to MAKE myself not start new things. I have to finish my CPH. I MUST finish it.
    It could be worse, you could be a non-starter!!!!
    How is The Cardigan???


  3. April – I MUST NOT use chocolate as a bribe. I might though … 😀
    Emma – erm …. thank you?
    2Paw – The Cardigan! is going very well, thank you, and I’m nearly done with the fronts (just started the v-neck shaping). Yay!


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