There is nothing else

There is nothing else

No crochet.

No sewing.

No baking.

Not even any other knitting (doesn’t stop me looking, of course).

There is only …..

the cardigan

Having been gently reminded by my mum how quickly my dad’s birthday was screaming up on us, she encouraged me to “GET A MOVE ON!”

And so I did.

The last time Bill made an appearance here was … shuffles through archives … the 23rd of February (!!!) when I’d completed this much on the back:

bill back 22-02-08

Larger photo ( 500 x 398 )

And we now have:

bill back finished

Larger photo (500 x 417)

and much progress on the fronts …

bill fronts progress 17-04-08

Larger photo (500 x 432)

Shown offered up to the back, for some sort of scale.

I’ve got about 3 weeks to get this finished, but I am changing the pattern from a jumper to a cardigan (hence the plural fronts not front) and I’m altering the neckline from a large roll-neck collar to a slight v-neck with ribbing.

I’m designing on-the-fly! Wish me luck!

Once I’ve ploughed through this behemoth of a garment, I’m planning on ploughing through the Swan Lake Stole and finally casting on for the second On Your Toes Sock. Just in time for summer …

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6 thoughts on “There is nothing else

  1. I’m motoring along nicely, thank you! I’m passed the armhole cast off on the fronts now and all seems right with the knitwear!

    Oh, and MrsDrWho – that’s on-the-fly not for-the-fly.


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