Notes to myself

Notes to myself

  1. On a cold, wet, windy day, jeans are not a good idea, and no matter how fat your thighs are they won’t keep you insulated.
  2. This Vlad-the-Implaer hat may be the coolest thing ever created, but you will not attempt to make it.  You hear me?
  3. A lot of people (including men!) think that electric blue hair is cool.  Remember this.
  4. You will learn to cope when you have to, becuase sometimes you not wigging out is just what your mum needs.
  5. shawl pin Waiting for the perfect shawl pin is worth it!
  6. Sometimes, the internet can be awesome (e.g. Magknits designers doing all they can to make their patterns available a.s.a.p.)
  7. Snapshot 2008-04-13 15-28-04 People love free stuff (just look at those stats from Ravelry!  The giant pink bars are for the Elodea socks pattern.)
  8. There is no such thing as too much lace-weight yarn.
  9. Knit Picks Harmony wood double pointed needles look sooooooo pretty.  I am about to cave-in.
  10. Freshly-applied blue hair dye bleeds a lot.  It also dyes stuff.  Like fingernails, skin, rubber gloves and the shower head.  Oops!
  11. "The Big Bang Theory" is surprisingly funny.  And it has in-jokes for geeks!
  12. I like lists.

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5 thoughts on “Notes to myself

  1. 1. They aren’t a good idea for skiing, either – brrr
    2. Yes, Ma’am – I won’t
    3. true
    4. How well I know that
    5. Very cool – good choice
    6. Yaay
    7. Awesome!
    8. A theory I have yet to prove, but shall embark on in earnest shortly.
    9. Very pretty, but a little too slippery for me so far, except for the project I am trying to design, and I don’t have any, just used them for a bit on a community project. VERY pretty
    10. rats
    11. ok – I wonder if I’ll get the jokes?
    12. I need a nap


  2. 1. Truly, it’s rarely that cold here. Long johns?? Red ones I think!!
    2. I am not a hat person, don’t panic.
    3. I believe you.
    4. Yes, being a coper is a good thing. It is a pain in the neck being a grown up sometimes.
    5. Lovely!!
    6. I was shocked when Magknits disappeared- I couldn’t block my cardigan. People are kind indeed.
    7. Free and Good things. Love the graph. I like graphs!!!
    8. Maybe, but is it green???
    9. They are nice, but once again, are they green?? Well bits of them are I know…
    10. New jeans do that too. See #1
    11. Yes!! MrsDrWho and I watched it, it was only on for 5 or 6 episdodes but we really like it. Very geeky, and very funny!!! I didn’t watch at the start but she urged me to. Good move.
    12. So do I. I especially like to cross jobs off my lists.


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