A little rain must fall

A little rain must fall

If you’ve read any other British blog in the last week you’ll know about the weird weather we’ve been having; snow, hail, sleet, rain, sunshine, warm, freezing …

It’s making me feel very unsettled.

Blue Monday Wednesday:

Look what my hairdresser did to me!

blue hair side

blue hair front

OK, so I asked for it and paid for! I showed these photos (taken with PhotoBooth on my Mac) to my brother (he of the yarn mule fame) and he said “Coolio!”.

BTW, I was trying to out-Janine Janine. Did I do it?


I’m plugging away on the Swan Lake Stole and the Psychedelic Blanket, but not really anything photo-worth.

If you’ve been under a rock:

You may not know that Magknits no longer exists. As a result, my sock pattern Elodea was no longer available on the internet. To rectify this, I uploaded it to my blog here and also to Ravelry.

Enjoy (responsibly).

And now for some metaphorical rain:

I alluded to this a previous post, but my grannie (dad’s mum) has had quite a serious fall and he’s gone over to look after her. I’ve been very worried about both of them (still am, actually) because my dad is disabled and quite ill himself, and his sister She Who Shall Not Be Named left her mother unattended for 24 hours so she could go home. Things are all a bit floopy at the moment, but we’re all hoping that my grannie will be able to go into a rehabilitation centre where they will be able to take care of her.

Oh, well. Families – can’t kill ’em, can’t bury them in 6 metres of concrete. 😀

12 thoughts on “A little rain must fall

  1. OK, that’s Very Blue Hair!!! You look very happy, not blue at all.
    I saw Snow on TV when Kevin 07 went to church when he was visiting the queen and your PM.
    Magknits? I know, there have been people having conniptions everywhere!!!


  2. Love the hair (and thanks for bringing up New Order memories…when my coworkers complain about my humming/singing tomorrow, I’m giving them your e-mail address).

    Sorry to hear about your grannie. Good thoughts being sent their way.


  3. I love me some blue hair! LOVE the cut, too, btw. Too sad and sudden! about MagKnits. WHAT shall we do? What SHALL we DO? I just don’t know *sob*

    Hope the odd weather calms down – but if not just consider yourself a temporary Texan. (or pretend) Now you need a cowboy hat to match your blue hair =) — like I have a cowboy hat – oh yeah, I forgot , I do. heh


  4. Fantastic hair colour! I attempted to dye mine blue many years ago and it went grey – not a success, yours is so much better.

    Hope your grannie is improving.


  5. your hair!!! it’s great!!! the blue is a great shade…..

    That is too bad about Magknits – pretty sad for all the designers who had patterns up there.


  6. Oh, how much I envy your hair! The blue looks great!!!
    Wish I could have mine dyed, but my hair would need to be bleached first and the last time I did that, it resulted in split ends…


  7. That isn’t just blue…it is ELECTRIC blue.
    You will not be able to do any knitting ….you will have to spend too much time admiring yourself in the mirror!!!


  8. I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. I hope the family situation resolves itself.

    The hair is fabbo! Just love it! The cut looks good and the color is so hot on you.


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