No imagination left

No imagination left

I’ve come down with something new. Again. Variety is the spice of life? I’d take bread and water any day over “A new week, a new infection”.

All of those with a compromised immune system say “Blech…” 🙂

Anyway, knitting.

I’ve finished chart H of the Swan Lake Stole, leaving me charts I and J to do.

I’m a shade over half way done with eating up the live stitches, but not half way through the “wing”. (Every other row adds stitches so I’m not sure where the half-way point is).

ms3 04-04-08

Medium (393 x 500)/Original (804 x 1022)

I’m also adding to the Psychedelic Blanket, slowly but surely.

psblanket 04-04-08

Medium (500 x 273)/Original (1134 x 620)

That’s a total of 12 squares (5 with the contrast as colour A and 7 with the main as colour A).

I may be here for a while!

I stopped worrying about my brother. He got bronchitis. Yeah, I’m back to worrying!

There’s also some stuff going on with my extended family (see August last year for the key players) which is not helping my general health.

I’m learning to do meditation (my mum’s helping me) and it seems to be do the trick as regards my blood pressure. Let’s see if it helps with anything else.

Finally, I present some Biblical-scale weather that hit on Saturday afternoon.


Hail is not usual for around here! (Ignore the windowsill in need of a good clean!)


6 thoughts on “No imagination left

  1. Belch. Double Blech. Hope you might be feeling a little better: are you having sympathy illness for your brother maybe?? I don;t Really think your stopping worrying made him sick!!
    Good luck with the meditation. I can never do it, I think too many things!!
    Wow, the weather is weird everywhere. Happy Knitting


  2. Yuck! So sorry to hear about new stuff – yuck. Wow hail, when did England become Texas? =)

    The Swan Lake Shawl is really coming along, and the blanket is going to be awesome, baby. =)


  3. I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. Really your brother will be fine. Bronchitis is something he can recover from. Just chill out.

    I’m glad you got the snow. I’ve had enough for the season, thank you!


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