Or Monday

Or Monday

OK, so last post I promised cake pictures on Saturday or Sunday, but Monday’s close, right?

cake3 cake2

Larger photos (Left/Right)

It was a basic all-in-one sponge mix with 3 oz wholemeal flour and 1 oz of cocoa powder which made it more like a brownie than a cake (yum).  The topping was a coffee-based fluffy-thingy (technical term) topped with walnuts.  I can not stand walnuts (I think it’s because they look like brains) but my mum loves them, so I endured! 🙂

I’ve not done a lot of knitting over the last few days, but I have kicked on with the Psychedelic Blanket.

pb 29-03-08 1

Medium (500 x 335)/Original (1050 x 704)

pb 29-03-08 2

Medium (500 x 266)/Original (1154 x 614)

I wanted to see how each of the "blocks" would look when it was all done and I really like the overall effect.

Oh, and I am chilling out.  A lot more.  About everything.  Mostly. 😀

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4 thoughts on “Or Monday

  1. Oh no, I am feeling all weird and spaced out: must be the psychadelic rugs on this blog!!!
    Nice cake. I prefer pecans, but I reckon they look even more like brains. Oh, I just remembered, my next door neighbours, when I was little, would eat Brain and Walnut sandwiches. Theres a thought to even rival the image of MrsDrWho smothered in rug and cake!!!


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