Knitting 0 Cooking 1

Knitting 0 Cooking 1

I almost made this a 1-1 draw, but since the only knitting I’ve done in the last few days has been 6 rows on the Swan Lake Stole and a pair of Fetching mittens, I didn’t think that really counted!

I’ll post photos of my cooking adventures tomorrow (Saturday) or Sunday, but in the mean time I can give you just the third finished item of 2008 (I’m a slacker!)

fetching finished 1

Medium (415 x 500)/ Original (800 x 963)

Name: Birthday Fetchings

Pattern: (name, author, source) Fetching by Cheryl Niamath from Summer 2006 issue of

Size(s): (to fit, finished size) they came out quite small (see yarn substitution)

fetching finished 2

Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) Stylecraft Renaissance DK, wool/acrylic, DK, green

Needles: (size, material, style) 2 x 4 mm circular needles

Knitting style: (for stitch patterns) Combination throughout

Modifications: Substituted yarn (it was what I had to hand) and as a result they came out smaller than prescribed.

Notes: I cast these on when I was in the Lake District and they were then somewhat abandoned until I realised my mum’s birthday was screaming up on me!  I think the world and their mother have knit these, but they were my first pair.  My comments?  Nice simple pattern, but could do with one-or-two tweaks to make them fit better (e.g. a thumb gusset).

Personal what-nots:

My Wisdom teeth have decided to … well, I don’t know, but they’re not making me whimper in pain anymore. [shrug]

My brother is very tired, feels a bit "weird" but is basically OK.  He’ll be home in 9 weeks and 2 days.  I’m not counting.  Much.

The most terrifying few hours in my life where those from when he sent a text at 4 p.m. my time to say he’d landed and 11 p.m. to say he’d got to his friend’s house.  I don’t think I’d’ve slept if he hadn’t got in touch!

I’m off to have a bath to hopefully get rid of this headache I’ve had since this morning.  Maybe it had something to do with no breakfast, 3 cups of coffee and "testing" a cake filling I was making.  Hmmm….. 😉

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5 thoughts on “Knitting 0 Cooking 1

  1. I’m one of the fetchingless knitters left in the world =) Maybe someday. I like your model, though, I’ve not seen them so creatively displayed before.

    Glad your brother made it safe and sound, sorry about your headache, yeah breakfast is important, lol – have a good Saturday.

    ps – I finished the Swallowtail tonight and it’s being severely blocked as I type YEEE HAW – and your the first to know (in computer land, anyway, the are some people here in my house that know)


  2. I like the Fetchings though I tweaked the patern myself!! Well done, A+ for application!! Glad your brother is safe and sound!! Glad your teeth have settled down.
    April, I started the Swallowtail yesterday. I’m up to the P5 togethers, Very boogelly!!


  3. I’m glad your brother made it safe and sound. Now stop worrying.

    The Fetchings turned out cute. I’ve yet to make any, so you’re definitely not the last. I worry about them being a bit small and I’ve knit other fingerless mitts, so I don’t really worry about knitting these anytime soon.


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