Changes/WIP Wednesday

Changes/WIP Wednesday

Knitting content below, but a brief interlude first.

I made a vague reference to an event and a person causing me stress.  Well, the beginning of a period of worry started today.  My baby brother, my little TweedleDee, is over 3000 miles away in America.  For 9 weeks and three days.  Everyone keeps saying he’ll be fine, but I can’t help but worry.

I umm-ed and ahh-ed about whether or not to write about this in a public forum but I am stressed and it’s affecting my health (mouth ulcers and skin problems a-go-go).  There were tears and arguments in the lead up to this, and he’ll be missing both my parent’s birthdays for the first time since he was born.

We’re a very close family and it’s going to be really weird without him and his smelly feet hanging around.  I’ll cope.  I think!

WIP Wednesday 26/03/2008:

Thanks to Wanda’s comment to my last post I remembered that I’d forgotten (!) about my dad’s cardigan in my WIP/UFO list.  Ooops!  I still haven’t done anything on it, but for a couple of very good reasons (the commissioned piece and a little something for my mum’s birthday).

Fetching for my mum:

fetching 26-03-08

Medium (369 x 500)/Large (800 x 1085)

I started these when I was in the Lake District but I’m only just finishing them.  I need to have them finished for the weekend, so I should be OK.

Swan Lake:

ms3 26-03-08

Medium (335 x 500)/Large (800 x 1194)

I’m going quite steadily on the "wing", but as each row is longer than the last, I’m slowing down!

Strawberry Joe:

strawberry joe 26-03-08

Medium (471 x 500)/Large (800 x 850)

Another item I left off my list is this hat.  I need to concentrate on it so I’ve not been working on it a lot.  I’m 2 pattern repeats from finishing it and I’m sure I could complete it in a day if I applied myself – stay tuned!

I’m feeling very out of it anyway, regardless of where my brother is, because the Wisdom teeth on the right-hand side have decided to try and come through.  I was told that it was unlikely they would ever come through because I inherited my dad’s tiny jaw and I have too many teeth for the space available!

I have an "owie". 😦

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4 thoughts on “Changes/WIP Wednesday

  1. Yeah, that hurts. I had impacted wisdom teeth on the bottom and have the same small jaw and too many horse teeth to fit into it – which resulted in getting 6 teeth pulled from my head in one day, a fainting spell and then braces. (and they are still a bit crowded in there)

    Trying not to worry rarely ever resulted in not doing so, but I hope that you get a little less stressed. Hopefully whatever takes him across the pond will be a great experience for him and nothing too much for him to handle. I hope you start feeling better soon.

    All your WIPs are looking awesome! =) Knit like the wind deary =) if it makes you feel better


  2. You poor thing. My family would sympathise with you since I was the one who went overseas alone many years ago. At least now you have email and mobile phones and programmes on TV like Airline and Border Security…do you have that one? to educate young travellers.
    His smelly feet will be windswept and interesting and full of tales when he returns.
    Insist he holds a slide night!!!!


  3. Slide nights?? I LOVE slide nights. When will yours be MrsDrWho????? So I am so far behind I expect you will have heard from said smelly brother bby now??
    Your poor teeth and gums, is your dentist good???


  4. You will be ok without your brother for a time. He will be fine and hopefully have a great time. It’s time to cut the purse strings alittle and let him have his fun.

    Sorry I brought up old UFOs and all. Keep going on your Mystery Stole. It’s looking good.


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