The Plan

The Plan

Maybe I shouldn’t call it "The" plan.  Maybe just "A" plan?

Anyway, Some Kind of Plan I’ve hatched is to go through all the hibernating works in progress and finish them or recycle them.  I’ll compile a precise list in a moment, but in this vein I give you the 1-row 1-year Scarf:

1 row 1 year scarf mosaic

1. 1 row scarf 3, 2. 1 row scarf 4, 3. 1 row scarf 1, 4. 1 row scarf 3 Created with fd’s Flickr Toys.

Pattern: Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s 1-row Handspun Scarf.  I cast on 14 stitches for a narrow scarf.

Yarn: Odds and ends of King Cole Magnum Chunky wool/acrylic mix in cream and beige multi.

I cast this sucker on in March of 2007. 

I know.

I used up the yarn left over from my Pirate Fisherman’s Hat so I’d have something approaching a matching set (something I don’t normally do – matching is for wimps – but I thought it would be a good way to use up the leftover yarn).

It wound up at about 60 inches/150 cm long when gentle persuaded, and I think it’s the longest scarf I’ve ever knit.  I was a very impatient learner-knitter and I ended up with neck warmers, not scarves!

Anyway, on to the quick round-up, in no particular order (links are to small-ish photos of the most recent activity on the projects, hosted by Flickr):

1. Mystery Shawl/Moss/Mystic Waters/Whatever

I still haven’t finished the border on this bloody thing (started in 2005), but it’s up next after I’ve completed the Swan Lake stole.

2. Austin Power’s Psychedelic Blanket

I planned on knitting squares while I was watching TV/had nothing else to knit, but that hasn’t really happened.  I think I’ll move its small project bag to somewhere more prominent and just knit on it.

3. Convertible Camo mittens

This were originally for my mum, but I made them too big (subconsciously?), so I’ll use them instead.  Knit as far as the rib on the second one.

4. Modular Lace-up Tank

I was quite enthusiastic about this when I cast on but, despite some good progress, I seem to have gone off it.  I quite fancy the U-Neck Vest/Back-to-School Vest by Stef Japel.  I might try and frog it and re-use the yarn, or I’ll see how far I can get with the unused skeins I have.

5. Little Child’s Sock

For my mum (again).  1st sock "finished", except I made it about 2 cm too short by mistake.  Need to rip the toe out, lengthen it and then make the second sock.  Preferably before next Winter!

6. Boudica socks

A bit unfair to put her here, because the only reason she’s here is because I nicked her needles to cheat on her with another pair of socks!  1st sock done.

Oh, not too bad, really.  There may be other things I forgotten about, but they don’t count, do they?

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7 thoughts on “The Plan

  1. umm, yeah, I think the other projects that aren’t named do count. What about your Dad’s cardigan? But so far, the list isn’t terrible.

    Pretty scarf too.


  2. Oh, good, Anne says that 6 isn’t much – lol – but this is why I’m usually a one project person, all those UFO’s would stress me out. Why? I don’t know, too much like pressure or something. AH neuroticism… I refuse to define myself that way. =)
    (I’m rejecting all labels these days in an attempt to program sanity back into my personality, do you think it’ll work?)

    great scarf! I love them long, wrap it around and around and around =))


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