Not many works in progress

Not many works in progress

But one finished item.


Oh, yeah, that’s all you’re getting.  Sorry!  You’ll just have to wait, I’m afraid.  I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out (10 days to design and knit it, which I’m also very pleased with).  I just hope the person/people I’ve created it for like it as much as I do!

There is one active work in progress at the moment, my Swan Lake/Mystery Stole:

MS3 wind progress

Medium (500 x 313)/Large (800 x 500)

The photo on the left was taken with the flash and the one on the right taken without.  The right-hand photo shows the texture of the lace, but the left-hand one actually shows the lace!

I was just admiring my handiwork when I noticed this:

ms3 problem

Medium (500 x 375)/Large (1024 x 768)


It looks to me like I’ve forgotten to knit a yarnover at some point, because it’s not unraveled or anything.  What do I do?  Should I leave it be, try and fasten it down, scream?  I’ve stuck a safety pin through the loop for now, just in case it decides to wander somewhere, but I need advice.  Stat!

And finally …

You may not be able to share my joy for this final piece of news, but, I have bathroom flooring!


Remember the plastered ceiling because of the burst pipe?  Well, this is the finally piece in the very large puzzle.

I very nearly cried when I saw it for the first time.  I’m quite pleased with how it looks.

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6 thoughts on “Not many works in progress

  1. I’d leave it, but i tend to let sleeping dogs lie as far as knitting is concerned. Unless you are entering it in a contest or just care more than I do, leave it


  2. Can you ladder it up? or is it just really loose? because you should be missing a stitch if you dropped the yarn over, right? If it isn’t all weird now, maybe the tacking it in place is the best idea. – scary =][

    nice rocks =0)


  3. Thank you for remembering me 🙂
    I’m hoping to resume blogging (and getting some time to knit regularly)

    I vote for tacking it down, but boy do i hate when that happens.


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