WIP Wednesday – 12/03/08

WIP Wednesday – 12/03/08

And on a Wednesday, too.

Mystery Stole 3/Swan Lake Stole:

I’m now on to the wing – hurrah!

ms3 12-03-08

Medium (273 x 500)/Large (600 x 1100)

I promise this isn’t the same photo as last time.  See?  No?  OK, well it’s not!

Yarn still stinks, but I seem to have fallen back in love with this stole.  Good job, too.

On Your Toes socks:

First sock is done-ski.

onyourtoes 12-03-08

Medium (332 x 500)/Large (488 x 734)

It’s a snug fit, but I like my socks like that.  I’m not happy with the way I’ve done the heel, especially now I’ve tried it on and it stretches out a bit too much and the holes from the yarn over short rows are a bit ick.


Well, this is the "something" for "somewhere" to be published "sometime".

somethingwip 12-03-08

Medium (375 x 500)/Large (400 x 534)

The yarn arrived this morning and I’d made very good progress.  I sketched out the pattern between 01:00 and 03:00 this morning when I couldn’t sleep.  Stupid gales.

And that concludes this week’s Work in Progress Wednesday.

I’m beyond stressed at the moment (personal reasons I’ll probably not go into at this point, but the person causing the stress knows how I feel and they are appropriately guilt-ridden) and I have to get the "Something" done pretty sharp-ish sooooo … I may go a bit quieter than usual (chance’d been a fine thing, say my family).

I’ll be hanging out on Ravelry if you need to hear some of my wit (!), so until the next post…

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5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday – 12/03/08

  1. Oh I can see the pictures this morning!! The Smelly stole is lovely!! Appears you can get used to most things. I am not good at any shortrow heels. They hate me. With a vengeance!!! Love the stripiness though. The wool for the Something Secret looks so nice – lush but crisp. Can that be?? Oh I hate the wind too, it is very boogellly.
    Hope everything resolves itself soon!!!


  2. Well the stole IS progressing, it doesn’t look the same =) Too bad the heel is too tight or whatever. I sometimes have problems with the short rows, too, my foot is just too wide from heel to the front of my ankle for most short row heels. I’m anxious to see the ‘something for somewhere’ project, I really like the yarn. Hope the stress relaxes some in the next day or two and the guilt ridden perpetrator stops behaving badly =)
    *slap slap – snap OUT of it *


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