No, not that one! I’m talking about the resurrection of knitting. My knitting.

ms3 10-03-08

Medium (320 x 500)/Large (800 x 1250)

After a long hiatus, the Mystery Stole 3 (now known as Swan Lake) has been brought back into existence.

I’m this close (10 rows, to be precise) to starting the “wing” portion of the stole after what seemed like an age on the little feet pattern which forms the majority of the main piece.

I can only work on it in short bursts because

1) it requires a fair amount of concentration and I can only sustain that for a limited amount of time and

2) the smell of the yarn gives me a headache!

The yarn I’m using is on a cone and I’m sure that it was intended for machine use because it feels, and smells, oiled. I tested the drape of the fabric in a swatch and after three washes in soapy water it still reaked, so I suspect the finished stole will require a really good soaking.

In other knitting news, I’m racing up the leg of the first On Your Toes sock.

onyourtoes 10-03-08

Medium (500 x 389)/Large (800 x 623)

Ann Budd has you change needles half way up the leg to give the more shapely-calved among us some extra room! The safety pin you can see there is to make the point of change so I can measure off it for the second sock (I didn’t bother with noting the number of rounds I’d knit).

Finally, I’m waiting on some yarn for “something” to be published “somewhere” “sometime”. Sorry, I think I’ve given too much away! :blush:

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6 thoughts on “Resurrection

  1. Well, this could motivate me to resurrect my MS3…nope, it somehow doesn’t 😉
    But congrats to you for picking it up again, want to finish mine too(mine doesn’t smell if that helps)?


  2. i just finished my swan lake last week and blocked it yesterday. i had been down to the last 6 rows and bind-off for like 3 weeks before i finally picked it up and finished it off in a couple of hours. the wing is very interesting.

    congrats on having to knit “something” to be published “somewhere” “sometime”! how exciting!


  3. Smack on head delivered to MrsDrWho as requested!!
    No pictures want to load for me tonight except for the Andy Warhol You and the Cables swatch!!! Nevertheless it all Sounds very exciting!!!!!


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