Apparently, when I want to, I can knit quite fast.

Exhibit A:

on your toes 05-03-08

Medium (397 x 500)/Large (798 x 1005)

Heel turned, on to the leg, all in 4 days.  For me, this is incredible!

It helps that I can knit this while watching TV or talking to someone (my two favourite activities apart from knitting!) so it’s just gone crazy-fast.

on your toes heelI’ve never done a yarnover short row heel before and I’m not sure if I’ve done it right (is there a right way to do anything, apart from surgery?) but it looks like a heel and quacks fits like a heel, so I’m guessing it’s a heel!

Heel photo: Medium (500 x 481)/Large (686 x 660)

On to other works in progress:


No progress on this yet, for the same reasons as last time (need to concentrate, cant concentrate!)

Veste Everest:

This is the swatch/tension square I’ve done with the O-Wool Balance:

veste everest swatch

Medium (500 x 395)/Large (760 x 600)

The yarn is very soft and you can feel the wool in it, but it seems to knit up more like a plant fibre than an animal fibre.  Still, this is exactly what my mum wanted, so who am I to argue?

Has anyone else knit with this yarn?  My mum is likely to want to machine wash the finished garment and although it says to hand wash, I was wondering if anyone had risked it on a gentle machine cycle?  I’m willing to sacrifice the swatch if necessary, but I’d like to have other people’s knowledge at hand first!

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4 thoughts on “Zoom!

  1. nice sock! it’s amazing how fast a stockinette sock can go!!!!

    the cables look great – I find that I have been able to wash my non-superwash socks on the “extreme handwash” cycle in my washer. you may want to do a test with yours to make sure!


  2. I have never used it, but I would venture to guess that gentle cycle, cold water in your machine wouldn’t ruin it. You can also check ravelry and see if anyone has used it in a project and ask them.


  3. I like the new sock. Great color.

    As far as the O-Wool, I woud launder it on cold water in the gentle cycle and then lay it flat to dry. I think it would be just fine.


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