FO: Hedera Socks

FO: Hedera Socks

hedera fin2

Medium photo (500 x 391)/Large photo (800 x 625)

Name: Hedera socks for me (Ravelry Project page)

Pattern: (name, author, source) Hedera by Cookie A from the Spring 2006 issue of

Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) South West Trading Company’s TOFUtsies, wool/cotton/SoySilk/Chitin, sock-weight, colour no. 723 “Put Your Foot Down” (pink, purple, green, blue). Note: I won this yarn in a contest run by Adrienne from Knitting in the Belly of California.

Needles: (size, material, style) 2.5 mm double pointed bamboo Hedera heel in progress

Construction: (toe/heel/ribbing/cast off or cast on) Top-down – long tail cast on, twisted rib, heel flap and gusset, flat toe.

Number of stitches: (in foot/in leg) 62/60

Knitting style: (toe, foot/leg, heel, ribbing) Combination/Eastern Uncrossed throughout.

Modifications: None, other than working on a larger needle to guarantee the socks would fit!

Shortened heel flap by 8 rows and therefore picked up few stitches for the gusset.

hedera macro

Medium (500 x 375)/Large (800 x 600)

Notes: Easy lace pattern and I had it memorized fairly quickly. I see it as basically a modified rib pattern, but with twiddly bits!

I was initially cautious about the finished size of the socks, as written. This was why I knit them with a larger needle than I would ordinarily have chosen for yarn this thin. The other option was to increase the number of stitches and knit the socks on smaller needles. However, this would have made my life a little more difficult and meant I had to think – not what I wanted to do!

The spiraling of colour around the sock might concern some people, but I think it suits the pattern (Hedera helix being the scientific name for ivy – clever, huh?! OK, maybe not.)

hedera fin1

Medium (500 x 370)/Large (1278 x 946)

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11 thoughts on “FO: Hedera Socks

  1. They look grea! My sock knit in the same yarn in stockinette was terrible. I’m glad your turned out so well. It looks like the lace pattern was definitely the way to go with this sock.


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