PS: Fire/Warmth/Heat

PS: Fire/Warmth/Heat

Taking the advice of a few people, I’ve taken a slightly oblique look at the “Fire” element of Project Spectrum – warmth and heat.

I learnt the importance of cafes and tea shops in the Lake District in February. The chance to rest weary joints and to thaw out the limbs is vital!

plum bread and coffee

Medium (413 x 500) / Large (846 x 1024)

tea cake and coffee

Medium (500 x 343) / Large (1024 x 703)

Top is a cup of coffee and two slices of Plum Cake (which doesn’t actually contain plums!) and bottom is the classic toasted tea cake, again with a cup of coffee.

There’s nothing quite like dried fruit in bread, toasted and spread with butter!

Although cold in temperature, ginger is warm when it interacts with the mouth.

grasmere gingerbread

Medium (500 x 375) / Large (1024 x 786)

This is Grasmere Gingerbread, bought when I was in the Lake District. This isn’t gingerbread as I know it (more like a cake than anything else) is resembles a soft, shortbread-like, biscuit.

For a more “traditional” interpretation, here are some red acer stems reflected in a steel sculpture.

red acer stems

Medium (375 x 500) / Large (768 x 1024)

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8 thoughts on “PS: Fire/Warmth/Heat

  1. Oh, I love toasted loaves etc. Yum!! There seem to be 2 gingerbreads: the cakey kind, that is dark and treacly, and then the biscuity kind, like a thick Christmas gingerbread. It looks delicious.


  2. You are really very bl_ _ _y artistic aren’t you. Excellent photos…especially of the food!
    My mum makes ginger bread and it is just like cake..the dark treacly kind but the rest of the family eats it spread thick with cold butter and that makes me shudder.


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