Let’s go trippin’

Let’s go trippin’

Four weeks ago I had an “Oh-sod-it-life’s-too-short” moment and booked a holiday.

Tomorrow, I’ll my way to the Lake District, in the top north-west of England.

February in the Lakes may not be the same as the Galapagos Islands over New Year, but it’s somewhere I’ve always wanted to go.

I may get internet access, but it’s only a 4 night trip, so I don’t think anything too urgent will come up, do you?

I’ll be back on Saturday with pictures of mountains (definitely), lakes (obviously) and rain (almost certainly).

For your reading pleasure, here’s a couple of links to the general area and a few specific places I hope to be visiting.

The Lake District National Park




Kendal Mint Cake


6 thoughts on “Let’s go trippin’

  1. Where did Jane Eyre go on her hols??? Nowhere near Elizabeth I’ll bet. Is that where you might be wandr’ing lonely as a cloud?? Truly I have little idea of where what is in the UK. Have a good holiday!! Hope it is not too damp and you might see a turtle or a finch: that would make it a touch Galapagosian!!!


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