Wednesdays are for wimps!

Wednesdays are for wimps!

I don’t post my works in progress on a Wednesday.

I’m an anarchist!

I don’t follow no stinkin’ rules!



(more whispering)

What you mean “It’s Wednesday today”?



hedera 1 done

1st sock is done and dusted and it fits really, really well. I hope to cast on for the second one today or tomorrow.


I’m where I was last time, so here’s a close-ish shot of the cuff so far, and my stitch markers.

boudica 1 cuff


bill back texture

Nearly half way through the pattern chart now, but with quite a long way to go because you just repeat the chart until you hit the neck.
I was trying to find interesting ways to photograph this and remembered about the macro function on my camera!

bill texture macro

Strawberry Joe:

Again, as last time, no progress.


The third round of Project Spectrum starts on Friday (for those who are following) but I’m a bit stumped as how to start.  If the first “element” was water, I could do that!  Fire?  In the Northern Hemisphere, in February and March, that’s tough!

I’ll ponder for a bit and see what I can come up with that included orange, red or pink (not normally a problem in my wardrobe!


7 thoughts on “Wednesdays are for wimps!

  1. Go to the Hedera of the class!! Oh I didn’t know there was another Project Spectrum. I think I’m sitting this one out : too much fiery weather here to comtemplate Fire. Bill is looking good: He’s so ready for his cloe-up!!!


  2. Ooh, I like a cozy day! I was thinking that I might ski this year’s PS, but I have an orange project that is crying out for more attention, maybe so.


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