Working on the principal that it’s 5 ‘o’ clock somewhere, I present …

Working on the principal that it’s 5 ‘o’ clock somewhere, I present …

Work in Progress Wednesday!


Bill (a.k.a my dad’s 2007 Christmas present):

78 rows of stocking stitch aren’t the most exciting things in the world, so here’s the good news: I’m on to the “Gansey” chart!

bill back 24-01-08

I made a mistake design change because instead of working 4 rows of garter stitch at the start of the patterning, I did 4 rows reverse stocking stitch. Never mind!

Strawberry Joe:

I was given Woolly Wormhead‘s hat book for my birthday and I spent about 3 days trying to decide which hat to knit first. I finally settled on “Windward“, but soon realised I didn’t have the right yarn for it, so I switched to the similar-looking “Strawberry Joe“.

strawberry joe 24-01-08

I am precisely 42.857143% of the way through (or 3/7th if you prefer).

Oh, and I may have “borrowed” a ball of yarn from my dad’s Gansey.  Shhhh…..


I’m only a few repeats away from the toe on the first sock.

hedera1 24-01-08

The pooling/flashing has continued on to the foot, but I’m still not bothered by it. The flash actually shows it off more than it appears in real life and I hope to be able to photo the sock in some natural light to demonstrate this (you know, in the two weeks of summer we have in April!)


Slowly, slowly, catchy socky.

boudica1 24-01-08

I’ve finally reached the cuff on this flippin’ sock. I love the yarn. I love the pattern. It requires concentration. I have a sprained ankle (from early December, no less) and not much patience at the moment. Does that explain why I cast on in June and this is as far as I’ve got?

No, didn’t think so!


4 thoughts on “Working on the principal that it’s 5 ‘o’ clock somewhere, I present …

  1. The socks look awesome, and just think of reverse stockinette stitch as garter stitch’s yarn saving look-a-like cousin =)) I’m going to be trying out a slip stitch sock pattern that breaks up pooling and flashing on my next socks. Can’t wait to see the Gansey chart stuff in action. woo hooo (hope your ankle gets better)


  2. Well, it must be 5 o’clock somewhre, we have a lot of time zones here!! Hurray for the Gansey part, and the design change!! Thank you for the lovely hat preview and the excellent percentagising. I do love percentagising things!!
    2 pairs of socks?? I must say that I really like the pooling/flashing!! I am a pooling person.
    Hope your ankle rights (or lefts) itself soon. Feeling grumpy is very boogelly. I was had to send The Labradors out today in case I was cross with them because I was hot.
    Surely it’s Softly Softly Catchy Monkey?? Or Softly Softly Task Force???


  3. I’m glad you are cruising along on your dad’s cardigan. I really like the color you’re using.

    The Hederas look really good too. go ahead and get Boudica done done!


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