FO: Jessica Sleeveless Top

FO: Jessica Sleeveless Top

jessica self

Name: Jessica (link to Ravelry project page)
Jessica finished 2Pattern: (name, author, source) Sleeveless Sweater, Barbara Walker, “Knitting From The Top”.
Size(s): (to fit, finished size) 46 inches bust, 44 inches bust (negative ease)
Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) Debbie Bliss “Cotton Angora”, cotton/angora, Aran-weight, baby blue/steel blue-grey. I used around 5 and a half balls of yarn, which works out to approximately 500 m or 550 yds.
Needles: (size, material, style) 4.5 mm circular bamboo for main body (inc. lower ribbing), US6 Denise plastic interchangeable for neck and armhole ribbing.
Knitting style: (for stitch patterns) Combination/Continental throughout.
Modifications: It’s a custom-knit pattern so none, really!

jessica neck

V-neck detail.

Notes: Just the 10 months in the making, but I finally made it!
My initial inspiration for this top came from Ms. Marigold by Zephyr Style and Mesh Tank by Stef Japel. Both have deep, plunging V-necks and a sleeveless, pullover style.

jessica short rows

Short row shaping at the bust

Positive points from this knitwear item:

  • There was no significant change in my gauge when switching from in-the-flat to in-the-round knitting.
  • I really enjoy top-down knitting
  • It fits just like I wanted it to because I used “darts” (increasing and decreasing) on the front and back to shape the waist
  • It’s warm
  • I like the colour more than I thought I would (I got the yarn on sale!)

jessica side seam

Side “seam” and bust dart.

Not-so positive points:

  • The short row wraps at the shoulders are pretty visible because I didn’t do a very good job hiding them.
  • The yarn sheds like a mo-fo (so much so that I suspect I’ll end up with an item made solely from cotton in a few washes).
  • The weaving in of ends is not as smooth or invisible as I would like.
  • The yarn sheds a lot.
  • My cast off on the lower edge is a bit tight.
  • I keep finding half a bunnys-worth of fibre whenever I take the top off.
  • It’s a little shorter than I’d originally imagined (but it is cotton, and I think it’s already beginning to stretch with just two outings).
  • Did I mention that the yarn sheds?

jessica fluff

Half the shavings from my lint roll after 1 day of wearing.

Overall, I’m pleased with how this turned out and knitting this style of top from the neck down is definitely something I’ll do again.


15 thoughts on “FO: Jessica Sleeveless Top

  1. Cool top!! Doubly cool becaus it is top down AND had the dart thingies!! Ten months? Pshaw, my CPH is coming up to 2 years and it just needs sewing together!!! I like the deep V neck style too!! It is very flattering!!


  2. Great top!

    The first time I ever knit something with angora, I didn’t really realize it until I got up from the couch. I was wearing black yoga pants. The scarf I was knitting was bright pink. It looked like a pink cat had been sitting on my lap for a few days.


  3. You are very lucky…you have all the shedding qualities of a cat or dog without the problems of feeding and poo. Collect all the “shed” and fashion it into the animal companion of choice!!!!


  4. I think it looks great on you!
    Will there ever be an angora yarn that doesn’t shed like hell? I stay away from Angora ever since my first big lace shawl was completed…it was unwearable because of the shedding…


  5. Wow, what an ambitious project! and you used darts AND short rows for fit. You are my new hero. (g) I like this style, too, but I’m too warm to wear more than one layer (and I would **never** wear angora!), so I’d make the V-neck a bit less plunging and I’d make the whole thing a bit longer.


  6. Wow, this is awsome! It it looks fantastic on you. Shows off “the girls” very well, and the color is a great neutral for you. I bet it would go with just about anything you have. I admire your ability to make such an item in 10 mos. I wouldn’t say that was long considering my 5 year old UFO lace scarf.

    Maddie from AK


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