Out with the old

Out with the old

A new year, a new start?

Well, for my dad’s Aran Jacket, it’s a trip to the frog pond.

riker 01-12-07

As it was on the 1st of December and thus it will ever be!

I realised over the Christmas break that 1) it wasn’t going to work for my dad and 2) I didn’t like what I’d made.

This epiphany lead me to Ravelry and to my old knitting magazines, wherein I found Bill.

bill sleeve

Handsome devil, is he not (the model or the knitwear, you decide!)

Thank you, Debbie Bliss and Issue 28 of Rowan Magazine.

I’m keeping the pattern pretty much as-is, but knitting it as a cardigan. As given, the largest size (to fit 46″ chest) would have a finished size in excess of 52″, which is a little big for my dad’s tastes. As a result of this, I’m just knitting the next size down in the hope of a better look for him.

Next Week:

The 7th to the 11th of January is going to be a bit hectic for me.

On Monday I have my benefits tribunal (which, according to my amazing Citizen’s Advice Bureau caseworker relies pretty much on me alone now and the evidence I give on the day) which I’m fully expecting not to go my way.

Tuesday is my birthday (w00t – ironic)

Wednesday I’ll be sleeping off the effects of the giant party I will have had with the massive number of friends I’ve got (also ironic)

Thursday is another appointment-attendance with my mum and Friday is my physiotherapy appointment.

Busy times!


I don’t normally like to do a retrospective, but I think I’ll give a quick summary for posterity.

In conclusion, 2007 was a little like a rotten Curate’s Egg: good in parts, but basically a bit rancid!

Highlights were my holiday in the Highlands of Scotland in April, my trip to South Devon in October and the publishing of my sock pattern in the November issue of Magknits.

I won’t go into details of the lowlights, but it’s not been a good year to be a member of my family, with particular reference to health or generally being alive.

And on that positive note …

I do have a finished object to show, but the light has been really bad since it was completed and I haven’t been able to get the photos done. Soon, my pretties, soon …


5 thoughts on “Out with the old

  1. Whoo hoo Bill!! Sorry to hear about all the unravelling, but Bill (jumper or person) looks nice!!
    Good luck with all your officialdom next week. I expect you will be too busy with all the catering arrangements to really worry!! (Irony)
    2007: very Best of Times/Worst of times I found.
    Happy 2008 though. It has an 8 and that’s lucky for the Chinese.
    It was very cool when you were in The MagKnits.


  2. Happy New Year !
    At least I hope so. Best of luck with the tribunal. 2007 was pretty crap really, wasn’t it ? I’m hoping for better things, especially healthwise.
    For tuesday, dear fellow capricorn :

    *H*A*P*P*Y* *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* !


  3. I definitely hope 2008 is a much better year for your family.

    Too bad about the Aran cardi, but if it wasn’t right, definitely better to rip. I think a cardiganized Bill will be just the ticket.

    Good luck with the bene tribunal. And Happy Early Birthday!


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