Running on fumes

Running on fumes

Note: this is my draft post, but I’m so tired at the moment, that I’ve decied to leave it as-is! Enjoy!

Ill (again) – relapse – slight recovery – physio (made me hurt, but will make me better)

Widdershins – Christmas – mum

widdershins 18-12-07 1

Brother’s birthday pressie (yarn only)

pressie yarn

No. of Christmas cards written: 0

No. of Christmas presents wrapped: 4

No of Christmas presents still to wrap: at least 7 (not including those ones I haven’t finished making yet)

No. of brother’s birthday presents wrapped: 0

Average no. of hours of sleep per night: 6

No. of hours needed: 14!

I’ll be back when the socks are done (hopefully before Christmas day, but you never know with me!)

6 thoughts on “Running on fumes

  1. # Cards written: 8
    # cards posted: 0
    # presents now wrapped: 0
    # presents still to be made/: all of them
    Chance of getting it all finished by Christmas? 0%
    Our expressions? Priceless.
    Hope you soon develop the napping ability of a Labrador.
    The socks look nice though, even the unsock socks!!


  2. I hope you will get better soonish, guess it’s related to your illness before? I just had to think about you last week when I talked about illnesses/disabilities you don’t see with someone else.
    Ok, I’ll play too:
    # Cards written: 0
    # presents now wrapped: 0 of 1
    # presents still to be made: 1
    With my parents+aunt’s family gone over christmas, I thought I only had my brother to gift this year, but I was wrong 😉 My brothers isn’t wrapped yet and the new one I have to finish is 50% away from beeing done…
    chance of finishing it before christmas if he’s around here so much: Zero!


  3. Cards written…..24… for my class and totally lacking in sentiment. Friends can wait. Family won’t want to hold their breath.
    Presents wrapped..lots.
    Number of presents knitted…0
    I’ll get back to you if I ever decide to knit presents for those other than the poor and choiceless.
    Hope Santa brings you sleep…otherwise I recommend lots of red wine.


  4. I think we are all running on fumes this time of year. I have decided not to send cards – no time. Gifts were all bought, but none wrapped. Seems like between work and the dogs and life, there is little time for those necessities like sleep!


  5. Cards written: about 50…although geek boy did most of them…I maybe did 10.
    Presents wrapped: 0…that’s what Christmas Eve is for
    Presents still to buy: 2
    Presents to be made: 1…I broke my tradition this year of refusing to knit presents (too much pressure) to make stockings for my sister and brother-in-law.
    Chances of finishing by the 25th: pretty good
    Love the socks for your mum.
    Feel better.


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