Of course, you shouldn’t use that word unless you’re three years old, so lets refrain from that, shall we?

blanket yarn

Behold – a mass of acrylic!

I want to make a blanket.

Firstly I haven’t decided if it should be for me or my mum, but that will be for later.

Secondly, I can’t seem to decide on a pattern.

Wanting to make a blanket, but not wanting to “wear” it while I’m making it, I immediately realised that a modular construction would be ideal.

I had a quick scout around and I’ve narrowed it down to two patterns:

I like them both, but for different reasons.

Lizard Ridge uses a stitch pattern that is likely to keep me interested, but this also means it’s not totally mindless.

Psychedelic Squares is very 1970s which will be perfect if I give this to my mum, but will I get too bored with the simple blocks?

I suppose the most sensible thing to do would be to knit 1 “module” of each and see which I prefer.  I don’t think I have enough yarn for both, so I can’t wimp out!

Has anyone out there knit either pattern, and if so, what’s your review?  If you have a photo you can show me that would be great!  Failing that, do you know of another modular pattern that might suit me and my yarn?


Thank you for the compliments on the Elodea socks.  They weren’t a total surprise for anyone who’s been reading since March and April this year, and I did promise to share the pattern!

The response seems to have been positive.  Having said that, no-one’s actually knit them yet (apart from my test knitter Janine) so I’ll have to wait and see!

6 thoughts on “Blankie

  1. I vote for Lizard Ridge too. I adore the pattern, but have no time to actually knit it. So this way I can live vicariously through you. (What? It’s always about me me me, isn’t it?) 🙂


  2. I think the beauty of Lizard Ridge is the Kureyon and since you have all solid color yarn I think you might be disappointed in your final product.

    Can you crochet at all? Those colors scream granny square or ripple to me and both are very easy crochet.

    How about knitting different patterns like the Great American Afghan or the Great Aran Afghan?


  3. I’m in the beginning stages of a Lizard Ridge & just love it. However, this is going to be a loooooong term project for me. Are you in Ravelry? Because if you are, there’s tons of photos there of different LRs.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, too!


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