Can’t catch a break

Can’t catch a break

Can, apparently, catch a cold!

I know.

I felt it coming on by Friday evening, but I put it down to air conditioning and hopping from the warm to the cold on my way home. Over the weekend it developed into something a little more scratchy and hot.


I’m cancelling my hairdressing appointment tomorrow (hate doing that) and feeling sorry for myself.

I’ve also decided not to go ahead with my Masters next year. I can’t afford it by myself and trying to organise funding in such a short space of time was foolhardy. I’ll now aim for a start of January 2009, giving me more time to go cap-in-hand to people!

To cheer myself up, here I am in happier times (last week, to be precise!)

First day – cold, sheeting with rain and really blustery, but I’M ON HOLIDAY AND ENJOYING MYSELF (in Brixham)!

Enjoying my Devon cream tea (with coffee) at Buckfast Abbey. I appear to have lost my chin and gained some teeth. Photo taken by fellow holiday-maker.

In front of the county of Cornwall (the closest I got), on a cruise around Plymouth. Note I’m wearing my Urchin hat! Taken by a fellow boat-person!

To see the whole lot, the slideshow is available on Flickr (no account needed to access it) or view the set of photos on a guest pass (specifically for people without an account).

Oh, my missing suitcase was delivered by a very nervous-looking driver on Saturday morning.  Poor man looked like he’d been told I’d pound on him!  I did put on my best “Not Pleased” face on Friday when I realised it had gone walk-about.  And that’s quite scary.  Apparently!


2 thoughts on “Can’t catch a break

  1. I apparently have a scary face that can put the fear of god into people too!! You look very happy on your holiday, adorned in your knits!! You can at least wear your Urchin till you can get to the hairdresser. Hope you are feeling much better soon, you poor thing.


  2. Sorry about your cold =( Sometimes it’s necessary to give ‘the look’, being able to be intimidating is a good tool to have when needed. Glad you got your luggage! Your holiday pics look very nice (and relaxed and happy) =)


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