FO: Sesame

FO: Sesame

sesame cuffs up

Name: A Sesame for All Seasons

Pattern: (name, author, source) Sesame by Melissa Wherle, Magknits August 2005 [Note: Magknits is no longer available, but the pattern can be found on the designer’s blog here.]

Size(s): (to fit, finished size) To fit 44″/112 cm bust, 36″/92 cm-ish waist and 46″/120 cm hips.

Finished sizes: 40″/102 cm high bust, 38″/96 cm waist, 42″/107 cm hips, 18″/46 cm long from underarm to hem.

sesame 1

sesame cuff down

Yarn: (name, fibre, weight, colour) Rowan All Seasons Cotton Printed, 60% Cotton/40% Acrylic, Aran-weight in colour “Surf”.

Needles: (size, material, style) US 8 and 9 (Denise Interchangeable set)

Knitting style: (for stitch patterns) Combination/Eastern Uncrossed for all.

sesame back

sesame darts
Showing the short row shaping for the bust


  • Knit at a larger gauge/tension than pattern, so followed the numbers for a smaller size.
  • Shortened the sleeves after seeing mention on Ravelry of the ape-like lengths they reached if knit as directed . Apparently, the cuffs are meant to be folded back, but you can see from the first photo that I’ve done that and they’re still the perfect length.
  • Added “darts” for the waist shaping.
  • Added short rows for the bust.
  • Made the collar a bit shorter than specified.
  • Picked up fewer stitches than recommended for the collar and button bands.
  • Worked both the aforementioned on US8 needles in 2/2 rib.
  • Worked the armhole and neck decreases 1 stitch in from the edges.
  • Worked the right decreases as K2tog and the left decreases as SSK.
  • Changed the number of stitches cast on for the fronts so as to work the rib over a nice number of stitches.
  • Started the rib as knit (or purl) 1 and then (p2, k2), so when it was seamed up, it would look good and I wouldn’t have to seam a bunch of purl stitches!

sesame buttons sesame darts 2 sesame shaping
Buttons/Short row darts/Waist shaping

Notes: This is a very nice, simple cardigan knit in a fantastic yarn.

I think I could have done with a little more ease in the hips, but everything else is good.

My only (slight) complaint (and some would see it as a positive thing) is that you are left to your own devices when it comes to the decreases and how to set up the ribbing.

For the more experienced knitter this is not a problem, because you normally have your own ideas about these things anyway. However, this is a design likely to be knitted by a fairly new knitter, because it’s pretty straight forward, but stylish. Therefore, I’ve provided fairly comprehensive notes on my modifications should anyone want to use them.

Project page on Ravelry.

N.B.: I’m not smiling because I’m really not well at the moment and it was a real struggle to stand up for 5 minutes. And I don’t look good when I smile. Evidence?

knotted handkerchief

Told you.

13 thoughts on “FO: Sesame

  1. Smile?? I don’t think so!!! I am pretty sure models are meant to look moody and dark. Possibly because they haven’t eaten in a month or two!!
    Also, I think a bit of supriority doesn’t go astray as you have mmade a very cool cardi!!! With a lot of modifications!!! The colours in the wool look perfect too. Your blog decided not to pop up in my Bloglines, but I have fixed the Bloglines now. I showed them. Me and my Lizard!!!!


  2. Wow! I really love how that yarn looks knit up. I didn’t care for it in the put-up, and didn’t give it another thought, but it is wonderful in that sweater!


  3. Thanks for the compliments. Not wishing to start a flood of sympathy, but I’m not feeling well at the moment (a bit of a relapse) and a few hours after I manage to get the photos, I collapsed a bit.

    Besides which, I don’t look good when I smile! 🙂


  4. First off, the cardi looks great in the yarn. I like it much better without stripes. Secondly, I’m sorry you’re not feeling well, but I disagree that you don’t look good when you smile, because you do. I hope you are feeling better soon.


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