I can’t catch a ball, but I sure can catch a bug!

I’m feeling very sorry for myself and I have retreated under blankets, knitting in hand, watching the episode of Rebus I videoed last night.

To cheer myself up (and you, if you need it), check out I Can Has Cheezburger, if you haven’t already.

And I photographed these Edible Marigolds earlier this week and they’re just very bright and cheery.


Come Monday I should have a finished hat and on about Wednesday there’ll be a finished cardigan (I hope!).

And to answer April and Janin from the last post, the colour-theme was totally accidental.  I didn’t even notice it until I’d got all the items out to photograph them.  Maybe it’s a throw-back to the Grey/Blue/White triad of the first two months of Project Spectrum?

5 thoughts on “Catch!

  1. Shouldn’t you be eating them not taking pictures then?
    I have been to the I Can Has Cheezburger sight and have laughed like and insane woman. I am putting it in my favourites. You are officially worth your weight in frilly knickers.


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