Juggling with an octopus

Juggling with an octopus

Not that I’ve actually been at depth and wrestled with a cephalopod, but it’s just that’s what it feels like working on the button band for the sesame cardigan.

sesame as an octopus

It seems to be all limb at the moment because the only things that are attached are the shoulders.

It also feels all limbs to the pump because I’ve decided to go for my Master’s in Science.

I know. nuts.gif

I’m waiting to hear back from my university about if they offer any funding options and if they say “No” I have to find £1045 by November the 15th. Easy!


Say what?

No, I haven’t forgotten about my Queen of the Iceni, in fact I have finally started the heel turn.

boudica 1 heel

You may recognise the yarn from the new header image (eyes up).


Keeping with the nautical theme of today’s post, I present a 6/8ths-completed Urchin hat (from the latest issue of knitty – and the link for it’s Ravelry page.)

Urchin progress

The yarn is King Cole Magnum Chunky (with which I seem to have some sort of growing obsession) in a kind of lilac-denim blue-light grey melange. They don’t have colour names, these more budget yarns, so I’ll probably come up with something.



Suggestions welcome.

And if you have a spare couple of hundred quid floating around, chuck it my way, will ya? 🙂


3 thoughts on “Juggling with an octopus

  1. Accidentally knitting an octopus, eh? cool All your projects look really great, and just happen to be along the same colour lines, yes? Are they really very similar or am I imagining it? =)

    Well…. I think it’s brave of you to go for your Masters, how many years does that take? You are one of those professional students! lol


  2. Sure, since we’re officially rich now, here it is *hands-over-imaginative-money* …over a thousand, that’s much, but then I guess, given another 5 years with our current government and it will be the same around here…hope you find a way!

    Hey, is there a color theme in the latest knitting 😉


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