When I grow up

When I grow up

I want to be Helen Mirren.

Seriously. If in 5 years time I’m a tenth as hot as she is now I’ll be one happy girl.

Who do you want to be when you grow up (or grow down!)?

Today, I give you yarn photos!

I got some Socks That Fit in two colours and two weights. What? I’ve got to replace the yarn I’ve given away! That’s a warning for the Lorna’s Laces I’m hoping to acquire in the near future!

Lounging together

socks that fit

And on their own

socks that fit raspberry socks that fit desert rose

On the left is Raspberry Tonal in Some Assembly Required Superwash and on the right Desert Rose in Some Assembly Required Not-So-Light Wool

Just two quick notes;

1: contest winners – Stacey, your yarn was sent Airmail on … Thursday? Something like that. Amy and Britt, I’d only found one padded envelope earlier this week, so yours will be sent next week if I can get into the loft where I know there are some hiding!

2: if you drop a cheese grater from the work surface, do not attempt to catch it with your ankle bone.

I know.

It’s now strapped and elevated. 😦

6 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. I’m not growing up..it is against my philosophy!!
    Another helpful tip…if you break a jar of jam by bashing it with another glass object do NOT catch the jar as it falls off the shelf…it WILL fall into your hand jaggy side down…..but I bet you could have guessed that.
    Get well soon…at least it it is an injury that won’t stop you knitting…..getting to the toilet on time maybe…but your knitting ability should be fine.


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